September 13, 2017


The last three weeks have been a blur. Even more than usual with a newborn.

 This little baby, otherwise known as Baby Sunshine, smiles all the time. He is especially happy when under his play mat. He kicks his legs happy, waves his arms and laughs at the flashing lights & happy music.
This lady celebrated a milestone birthday - hello medicare!!!
 I managed to make her cake and not burn it, drop it, or eat it before the candles were lit. Success!
Finally {mostly} figured out naps for this little pumpkin thanks to the instruction of my mom-in-law who cracked the Edison code and passed it on to me.
 That little face though...
 Seriously, the cutest little peanut!

 After a few weeks of not entering the 'no go' zone in our home, I walked in to find these tasty little trails in the filth. Jordan had just sprayed the house and it looks like a few cockroaches were suffering from the effects.
 Our toilet was leaking and we started seeing more roaches again. Sigh. I even had one crawl on my leg and lost it like never before. Finally almost two weeks ago we got it fixed and we haven't seen any since. It feels weird and I still search every morning and can't believe I haven't seen one for almost two weeks.
Mr. Blue Eyes!

 So Oliver had a little "cold" and after two days was fine. Two days after that he woke up and couldn't walk. I thought his feet had fallen asleep because he slept weird. I went about that days chores and used a little bribing to get the grocery shopping done. I knew there was actually something wrong when even the bribing wasn't working and he was literally holding onto the cart to be able to walk. I called the pediatrician's office, dropped the baby off at grandma's and took him in. They couldn't figure it out and sent us to the ER. Yay. They determined he had some virus that caused inflammation in his calf muscles, did blood-work to confirm, gave him and IV of fluids and ibuprofen and sent us on our way. It was called an acute myositis. Ollie thought his IV was Spiderman powers and would point at the hospital staff like this...
 and say "pew pew pew." {Shooting webs at them}
 That night he woke up with croup. Joy. So the next morning I took him back to the doctor's office. He still couldn't walk and hobbled into the office. Because of the croup they gave him a steroid and as soon as he drank that he was able to walk out of there and has been fine since. 
 He actually fell asleep in the car - that never ever happens.
 I took him this week to get blood-work done again this week and the things that were abnormal were normal, so we're all good.
 This photo shoot had every emotion...smiling one second and pouting the next. So cute!

 Oliver was sick so we missed some of the festivities of Audrey getting adopted and sealed to her forever family. She had her baby blessing to conclude the weeks long festivities and Ollie felt better so we got in our Sunday best and I managed to snap the most adorable photo of my sweet boys...
 I love them all so much!

 Loves that play mat!
 "Mom, are we the cutest?! Take a picture!"

 Oliver started his second year of Preschool! Since his birthday is in July, I decided to hold on to him one more year and let him enjoy another year of fun school.

 "Mom, hold on, I gotta chase these birds away!"

After his first awesome day at Miss Sally's...
House problems, Jordan fixing the bathroom every free evening/chance he has, trips to doctors, sicks kids, newborn baby schedules, family events, bills, school starting, & just everyday life had us like...
So I begged Jordan to play hooky, use a vacay day so we could ditch this cutey and take Ollie for a fun day after we picked him up from school. {We also missed out on Labor Day because Jordan worked on the stupid bathroom all stinking day.}
We took him to Fat Cats.
It was amazing!
We so needed it!
Ollie won the jackpot!
 We bowled. Oliver won. Seriously.

 And because he won the jackpot, he made out of there with legit fun toys.
 Got ice cream after and then dropped him off at this crazy girls house...
 He said it was the best day ever. It really was a great day.
Chubby bubby loves his baths...
 and his play mat. Have I already mentioned that?
 I made pizza one Sunday. Oliver was sick for two Sundays and then baby sunshine got sick. I ate lots of pizza to medicate.
 Tummy time concentration!
 Much better - on his back!
 His hair curls on its own. He sleeps all day, all night and his hair is still the same. Stays curled and perfect. He's adorable.

 Also LOVES sucking on his fist.
 If life could slow down a little or at least chill its boots, this mama would appreciate it.
In the very least, no more trips to the ER - PLEASE!!