June 3, 2013

New York

For months, Jordan has been planning a trip for him & I to visit London & Paris.  Being an employee for American Airlines has its perks...
We had grand plans. We were going to take a 777 plane first class to London {those tickets are over 20 grand for regular folks and supposed to be the 'best of the best' as far as first class goes}. We were going to see the sights & get away on a much needed vacation. Keep in mind, we do have a child now so it was going to be a quick trip. Jordan's mom flew into town to babysit. We had our hotels booked and made last minute 'we're going out of the country' errands in frantic searches for electrical converters.  It was pretty stressful, but we would have time to decompress on our Europe vacation so it was okay. The plan was to fly to Chicago and then to London. The flight from Chicago to London looked a little tight {keep in mind we were flying standby} but we were mentally prepared for that and were okay with getting stuck in Chicago for one night.  What we hadn't mentally prepared for was never leaving Tulsa. That spoiled the entire trip. It was already going to be a short trip and not getting on that one flight made it impossible for our Europe trip to happen. Oh, did I mention that one of us, ONE of us could have made it...there was ONE seat available and the flight attendant asked if we wanted to split up. NO! {Originally the flight from Tulsa to Chicago left no doubt in our minds we would at least make it to Chicago. They ended up switching planes last minute and the new plane had 10 less seats than the original plane. This is the kind of luck Jordan and I ALWAYS experience.} Anyway, we sulked around for a few days and planned a quick trip to New York instead!
We pretty much saw everything there is to see in New York...
Central Park
More Pizza

Statue of Liberty

Times Square
Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges
We saw Phantom of the Opera which was for sure the highlight of the trip!
Empire State Building

Which I totally thought the Empire State Building looked like this...
But apparently THAT is the Chrysler Building. A little disappointing when the Empire State Building ends up looking really quite boring, but the view is fabulous.
9/11 Memorial
The Survivor Tree
We walked A LOT, ate A LOT, and even took a nap! I would call that a successful trip {even if it wasn't London & Paris}!