March 27, 2010

A Day In the Life of a 25 Year Old

My fabulous husband is now 25 years old. Quarter of a Century. I really wanted to throw him a party, but we had a really l...o...n...g week (full of work, papers, & mid-terms) & he didn't act interested in doing a whole bunch. I did manage to score tickets from work for the SUNS game on Jordan's Birthday Eve.The SUNS creamed the KNICKS so the game wasn't exactly an edge of your seat sort of thing, but being there is always entertaining. For example, the Dancing Dads & the Golden Grannies were present to entertain & entertain they DID!!!Another fun thing was daydreaming of winning $77,777...Casino Arizona picks a fan from the crowd to throw a basket from half court to win $77,777. The guy came close, but missed. It got us daydreaming though. I asked Jordan what he would buy.
He quickly replied, "A Delorean." Nerd.
I told him I wanted the 4Runner of our dreams & a Huge Diamond (kidding about the diamond, serious about the 4Runner).
I like daydreaming.
We started off March 27 at IHOP.
We then headed over to BLOCKBUSTER & rented Fantastic Mr. Fox & watched it (I fell asleep - only because I was tired, it was entertaining) & then headed to a park for some Roller Blading.
For dinner, Jordan wanted his favorite meal ever, so we headed to Serrano's so he could get his Machaca.
We polished off his birthday the following day with Sunday Dinner at the Rogers'. Jordan wanted German Chocolate Cake (good choice, my love).
He opened up more presents, we are spoiled.
And that was it for turning 25. Not too shabby.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, my dear.
Como se dice..."Happy Birthday!?!"
Como se dice..."You're the Best!?!"
Como se dice..."I am very sorry to inform
you the weekend is over & we have to
go back to work in the morning!?!"
Como se dice..."Te amo!?!" Right?

March 22, 2010

A Sunday Picnic

Jordan & I drove home from Sedona yesterday & came straight to my parents house. It being Sunday, we had dinner at my parents house & I was in charge of dessert, which is usual. However, this particular Sunday was extra special because we were celebrating several birthdays. I baked the better part of the day, which I really enjoyed, but I wandered outside into the backyard to give myself a break when I noticed how 1.) The weather is AMAZING & 2.) My parents backyard is BEAUTIFUL.
They have been working hard on it (I mean really hard - Dad has lost 20-25 lbs.) since last year when they filled in the pool. So when they got home from church I recommended we move Sunday dinner outside. All agreed & it turned out to be a really fun night.
This picture shows us sitting on the wonderful green grass where the pool was previously located making the backyard pretty much unusable. My sis-in-law with a cuddly Norbert.
Mmm...grapefruit. This made for a few sour faces.Sooo much love.The Grill Master.
We blame him for all of us eating too much. Those steaks were just too darn delicious.My brother's family has to travel from Queen Creek after they get out of church at 5 p.m. so this is usually what happens to all of his kids. Even though the gang of kids were having a fabulous time playing outdoors, the BobMan was sleeping...Zzzzzz.BobMan's sister, Liddles, was hanging out inside taking it pretty easy too with her Great Grandma.We celebrated my bro-in-law Adam (officially a T-REX), Liddles, & Jordan's Birthdays. It was Adam's actual birthday & he requested Lemon Passion Cake for his cake.It's a copycat recipe of the Macaroni Grille's dessert & man is it rich & mouthwatering! Jordan blowing out the candles on Adam's cake
He will get his own cake on Saturday. The kids love Uncle Jordy, he's a lot of fun. I thought the kids wouldn't want the Lemon Passion Cake as much as they would want Chocolate Cupcakes.Another fun activity we did that night (I didn't get pictures of) was another measuring contest. My family is a little strange & the last measuring contest we held included measuring of: hips, stomach, & bust line (men only). This measuring contest was done solely to prove the fact that Adam is a T-REX. We measured the length of arms & the circumference of heads. To no one's huge surprise Adam has short arms & the largest head out of all of us. Hmm...what has short arms and a large head...
or T-REX?
Sorry we had to do this to you on your Birthday.

March 21, 2010

Fire on the Horizon

Have you ever been to Sedona, Arizona?
Beautiful. Breathtaking. Inspiring. (Busy during Spring Break.)After working at SSE for 5 years, they sent me on a vacation of my choice. Plane tickets were expensive & being under the age of 25 (barely) made renting a car expensive as well. So we knew we wanted to go somewhere we would be able to drive. Our honeymoon was spent in Sedona & we really enjoyed it, so we decided to go back. We stayed at a resort that had about 50 private cabins & ours had a hot tub on the back porch.
I miss it already. Another perk was the following design folded into everything that it possibly could be folded into (example: paper towels, towels, toilet paper, more towels). I've never seen this design before, it looks tricky & time consuming.We spent a lot of time in the hot tub, slept in late, watched t.v. & movies, went on a hike in the lovely red rocks,
ate too much (not here, I just saw this sign & thought it was awesome there's a place called La Fonda),enjoyed the perfectly chilly weather, ate some amazingly smooth fudge, drove around enjoying the scenery, drove around trying to find a parking space, & soaked it up some more in the hot tub with my soul mate.
Thank You Doctors for a relaxing vacation!!! If you have never been to Sedona, we recommend it. No place like it.

March 6, 2010

Why Forever In Blue?

I've been meaning to explain the reason behind the title of my blog for quite some time.
So let me tell you OUR STORY...
Believe it or not, there was once a time we weren't an old married couple. I moved into Jordan's ward when I started high school. We sat in the same Sunday School Class for 4 years & had never spoken. BUT I always had a crush on him. I thought he was so cute, but he was a year older in school & we both thought the other was "too good" for us. Jordan went on a mission (in Ecuador, by the way) & in the meantime I was doing my thing. One Sunday I overheard some other single adults in the ward saying Jordan would be coming home from his mission soon. I made a mental note: "Okay, gotta look cute at church next couple Sunday's because he'll be home soon." He came home & my plan of looking cute must have worked (Obviously - we're married) because he had a plan of his own. Jordan had spoken with the music chairperson of the ward & said he wanted to do a musical number in Sacrament meeting...a DUET & he "thinks he knew someone else in the ward who could also play the piano." So the music chairperson sought me out & asked if I would be willing to play a duet...with Jordan (the hottie) Rogers. WHAT!?!? Heck yes! So after agreeing I was approached by Jordan that he should probably come over to start practicing. After a couple practice sessions he asked me out. After that we were inseparable.
Well, almost.
Jordan was going to be headed to Provo in the fall to attend BYU. (BOO!) We spent the summer together, then packed up his truck & drove him to Utah.

(at Salt Lake Temple grounds on that heart breaking trip)

We were both tortured that entire semester. Almost 3 weeks after dropping him off, my parents drove up to Utah & I flew so I could see my love. Jordan picked me up from the airport & drove to a local park where we sat down in a spot overlooking the city. To my surprise a bunch of guys with a guitar emerged from a bush behind us & started playing a song.

My thoughts:

"Here's some guys goofing around that like to go around singing sappy songs & tease couples that thought they'd have a romantic evening at the park... I like their choice of song though... I've always liked Neil Diamond & his song Forever In Blue Jeans...Why is Jordan looking at me like that...& why is he so nervous!...Oh! ..."
& we were engaged.At our wedding dinner, they sang OUR SONG again. The rest is history. Our history.

March 1, 2010

The Unknown

"Never be afraid to run into an
unknown future to a known God."
--Corrie Ten Boom For months I've been meaning to remember to pick up the cd's from my parents' house with our wedding pictures on them. I finally remembered & as I went through them, I came upon this picture. I can't remember ever seeing it before, either had Jordan.
I fell in love with it.
Jordan looks scared, like he's not so sure & I, well, I look happy -or- "glowing" as Jordan said when he saw the picture.
Over 3 years later, the "Unknown" is known. We were excited, scared, & ready? Marriage has been hard (only because sometimes I choose to make it hard for both of us), & nothing could have readied me, but marriage itself.
I know Jordan & I are forever. I am grateful we know a God who know's both of us. Jordan's my best friend & I am still as excited about our life together as the day this picture was taken. I am also grateful Jordan didn't kick off his shoes & run far away immediately following this photo.
By the way: If you do not know who the great Corrie Ten Boom is & you enjoy a very good book, read The Hiding Place. Read it. Learn from it. Live by it.