April 30, 2013

Sleepy Boy

I have mentioned before how much I love going into Oliver's room before I go to bed to check on our little sleeping angel. I just love the sleeping positions he prefers over "the normal," sleeping on his back.
His sleep position of choice:

Booty - high in the sky. Face - smooshed into the mattress.
that sweet boy!
In other news, we had a road trip this weekend to Oklahoma City to check out a new car. We really liked it.  In some cases LOVED it {ahem, Jordan} & will be headed back tomorrow to pick it up! On our way, we stopped by a little BBQ joint we have missed since our Austin days. Rudy's
Tulsa - you really need to get yourself one of these!

April 26, 2013

Easily Entertained

We are easy to entertain in this house.  We don't require much. When Jordan decided to mow the lawn, for example, I knew it meant entertainment for all.

The weather was beautiful & we were all loving the fresh air.

Other things that entertain us??? 
Cadbury Bodgerson.
Also known as:
Raspberry Rodgerson
Grubby {pronounced Grooby}
Grucifer {you know, like Lucifer}
Cadleberry Brunchies
Diablo Blaco
Check out the squirrel "hunting path."
 It goes from the doggy door, around the pecan tree, then around the deck. Which I guess the path around the deck should be called the bunny "hunting path."
 Those areas are so worn because they are frequently traversed by our obsessed Gru.
When indoors, he entertains us in different ways. Like when The Ball gets stuck under the couch. Just out of reach for those stubby white paws. {Do not judge me by the layer of dust under the couch, I have since taken care of it.}
 Do you see the longing in those glowing eyes? Can you taste it? He whines & bats at it until one of us gives in and gets it for him.
This video sums up the torment...
We love you Cadbury, or as we often refer to you, Badbury.
Thanks for the "cheap" [I definitely wouldn't describe owning a dog as cheap, by the way] entertainment.
Oh, & Jordan, the lawn looks fabulous. Good job & Thanks!

April 25, 2013

Nine Months

While we were in Arizona, our boy turned 9 Months old!

I can't even believe it!

Yesterday he had his 9 month check-up.
♦ 20 lbs. 4 oz. [50%]
♦ 29.25 inches [75%]
♦ Head circumference - 46.1 cm [75%]
{Have I mentioned exactly how big & round this boys head is before? Perfectly spherical.}
And yes, now that he is crawling, he has a few battle wounds. 
Wood floor - 1, Ollie - 0
One of my very favorite things as a mommy - - creeping in Ollie's room every night to check on him & say good night. 

So cute when he is asleep!
I usually come out of his room & say to Jordan, "Cutest baby EVER!"
A few weeks ago, we went on a walk with friends. It was nearly impossible to get these two little peanuts attention, but we managed one shot of these two little buddies.
Oliver & Leif
I am so grateful Ollie does well wherever I take him. He never complains or gets grumpy.
Ollie - it has been the BEST 9 months of our lives! Thanks for joining our family!

April 24, 2013

Separate Vacations

Way too much has been going on over here! Ollie & I boarded a flight for Phoenix {again}. We flew in right about the same time as a dust storm swept over the valley. Thankfully, Ollie fell asleep just before landing, otherwise, I believe I would have been thrown up on. It was a horrible landing that made at least me & the guy next to me sick to our stomachs. I was so glad to get to my parents house. I put Ollie down on the carpet in my {old} bedroom & guess who decided to take his first crawl at that precise moment!
{He has since turned into a professional. The house has officially been baby-proofed.}
Ollie got his second hair cut by Aunt Betty.
{Count Dracula pose} 

Lookin' good little man!
My sister, Elyce, flew in a few days later {actually on her birthday}so the planned festivities could begin!  We all went to Nello's for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Even Ollie got to stay up {too} late to join us. It was there that he got his first taste of a lemon...

He made a few sour faces, but mostly he liked it!
That night I dropped my BABY off at Grandma's because I was headed to Disneyland bright & early the following morning!
No worries...
I think he had a fabulous time...

 {Playing dress-up with Cousin Livy!}

While I was at Disneyland, Jordan flew in to say hi to Ollie & go camping with his buddies.
Meanwhile, here is what I was up to...
perfect fit in the backseat - Cozy!
We took off at 6 a.m. so we could spend most of our day at California Adventure

Our first stop was CARSland...this was the Luigi's hovercraft ride. 
You lean/reach for which direction you want to glide in. 
We were putting on a good show for Elyce, Beth, & Lucy.

Mater's ride was pretty fun too.

Then we rode Tower of Terror!
THEN we rode California Screamin'...
go Mama!
Lucy was scared of riding Screamin'  but was glad she decided to go for it. She liked it so much she made me ride it three more times with her! {BEST AUNT EVER!!!}
○○○ Good times...

The next day, we spent Beth's birthday at Disneyland!

The crowds were light both days which was wonderful. The longest we had to wait in a line was 30 minutes & most of them were a lot shorter than that. That is until night rolled in...then it got super busy/annoying, but the days were absolutely lovely. 
We rode the rides...

& partook in the excellent food - - GIANT corn dogs, beignets, grilled cheese & tomato soup, hot chocolate, etc, etc.
{Beth is on a diet & had to get her veggies in, so before we left she grabbed some of Drake's squeezable baby foods...I don't think this veggie medley was as good as the beignets.}

Thanks for turning 30 Betty! We loved celebrating with you!!!

As soon as we got home, I headed over to pick up my long lost son!
He was pretty excited to see his old mom.
Jordan got back from camping, stayed for a night, then took off to a work conference in Atlanta so Ollie & I stayed to play for a few more days.

We had fun visiting with family, but I think Cadbury was excited for Ollie to come home.
Anyway, we all had fun with our separate vacations, but I think a family trip to Disneyland should definitely be in the works...Ollie's firsbirthday!?!
P.S. I was wondering if Bennet, Lucy, & I were still models on the Disneyland website (from a few years back) & we are still on there!!! 
I should get in free or something.