September 19, 2018


 My lady Jane came to play one morning last week! YES!! Edison was super thrilled to have a buddy since Oliver is gone all morning/afternoon at school.

 This guy is doing great at school. He has made lots of friends and is learning things quickly. I miss him being home and we both wish there were more vacation days and half days.
 On September 11 we visited Tempe Beach Park to see the almost 3,000 flags that were set up to represent each life lost that day. The boys were...not into it.

 Ollie had picture day last week. He is one handsome little dude.
 I love those brown eyes and that cute smile!
 Meet Troubleson (AKA - Edison). He is into EVERYTHING! If he thinks he can climb up it, under it, over it, on it, through it, around get the picture.

 The only safe place is in his crib...for now, until he figures out he can climb out of it too.
 I got the boys matching Peanuts Halloween jammies because I can't say no to Peanuts things - ever.

 I hate that Oliver is getting bigger. He has a loose tooth and I am so so sad he will be losing his baby teeth and getting his big boy teeth that always makes kids look goof-tastic for a few years. No!!!

Jordan sent me this pic while I was out last Saturday. Eddie learned how to climb in the fireplace. He has returned only once and now it is blocked and he hasn't tried it again.
Oliver really truly  spoiled me with his 'no need to look for trouble' ways. Which, I know, makes him the exception. Edison is keeping it real.

September 14, 2018

Haircuts, Blue Blankies and PB & H Sandwiches

 Aunt Wheece promised Oliver a prize if he made it 5 days without crying at school (back when it first started). He mostly just cried at the cafeteria because it was loud and he didn't like that. He quickly got over it and made it 5 days with no incidents so he picked out a lego set that can be built 3 different ways.
 We are so spoiled! Oh, and Oliver can build these himself...without my, I'm not needed. BUT I LIKE building legos. I might have to buy myself sets since this guy wants to do it himself now. Sad for me.
 Mr. Cool Guy tries to keep these sunglasses on his head for as long as he can hold perfectly still.

I've been giving many haircuts lately. Jordan has even started allowing me to cut his hair. They tip in smooches and snuggles.

 Haha - I love this cautious face!
 These brother reading Peek-a-who! It was once Oliver's fave and now it's Eddie's.
 It looks like these 2 are in time out or something, but they weren't, just taking a break, I guess.

 Mr. Cheese.
 Where'd Eddie go?!
 There he is!

 Rinse & repeat.

 Eddie has the 'proper' technique to sip a sippy cup.

 I wanted to get out one day, so we met Jordan for pizza during his lunch break. Look at how that baby adores his dad. ♥

 Oliver came home from school with leftover PB & H sandwich, he didn't want it, but I saw Edison eyeing it so I handed it to him and he was delighted!

 It all eventually disappeared. Probably mostly by Edison, but I'm sure partly by Cadbury.