October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

May your tricks be few and your treats be many!

October 24, 2011

California Vacation

My sister, Bethany, invited me {Aunt Meme}
to stay at a beach house, in Oceanside, with her family.  
So I packed my bag, hoped flights would be clear, & thankfully landed in San Diego without any problems.
My Dad, Mom, & Ben were also there for the first part of the week!
We had a lot of fun playing at the beach.
 I always have fun with family. ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Nora's fingers were too sandy to feed herself powdered doughnuts, so I stepped in
to help out the poor starving 4 year old.
Beninem left his mark on the beach.
"Pump Up the Volume - Beninem Hip Hop '480' - Ben Shill"
I think Bethany took this picture right before she turned the 'Ben Shill' into 'Bum Shill'...she thinks she is funny.
After spending the day on the beach, we roasted s'mores.
"If it doesn't get all over the place...it doesn't belong in your face."
What is that Uncle Ben is doing in the background???  Hmmm...kind of looks like...well, I'll let you decide.
We did quite a bit besides the beach.
On Sunday we went to the Mormon Battalion.
 It was fun with all of Beth's kids.
  Lucy said, "Um...this is a lot more fun than going to church."  :)
Right across the street from the Mormon Battalion is Heritage Park where there are the most glorious houses.
They are all historical sites & were such a pleasure to stare at. So we killed a few more hours just hanging out on the lawns & enjoying the view.
This tree is in the center of the park, isn't it grand!
One of our beach days was shortened by fog. So we cleaned the sand off our bodies
& headed to the Birch Aquarium.
The interactive play park was the bomb!
I want one of these tables...seriously, I could have spent hours arranging walls to increase water pressure & get my boat down the fastest. They had to kick us out at closing time.
I was sad to see my parents
go home & we parted after a tasty lunch at
El Indio {in downtown San Diego, found out from Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives}.
Jordan flew in the next day, just in time to start the annual "Square Reunion."
{Square = 4 corners, Jordan & His Best Friends = 4, Square Reunion = Everyone getting together & having a good time}
After spending some time at Crystal Cove Beach in Newport with this guy
& saying my goodbyes to the Peterson clan
Jordan & his friends picked me up so the Square festivities could begin.
We unfortunately only got to enjoy half of the festivities because of packed flights & us having to leave a day early in order for us to make it home before Jordan had to be back at work, BUT...
Fortunately, the half we did enjoy was filled with
It was a tight squeeze into the teacup.
I beat Jordan! I beat Jordan!
We had the Once In A Lifetime privilege of eating at Club 33. Nate works for PWC & was able to get us reservations. It is the fanciest lunch I have ever eaten. We paid $80 each to eat lunch, BUT that included free park hopper passes. So we pretty much got a real fancy lunch for free (since we would have paid at least $80 for one-day park hopper passes anyway).
It was my first time having lamb chops. Jordan had a whole assortment of seafood, but I think everyones favorite part of the meal was dessert. The Crème Brûlée was to die for!
We got a birds eye view of New Orleans Square. It was so fun! 
One of our favorite rides, the Tower of Terror did not disappoint!
                                                    {Me,  Jordan,   Nate,       Aaron,     Bryce}
We loved seeing the new 'World of Color'
program at California Adventure that night.  It is amazing the things people come up with.
We were sad to go home, but we woke up bright & early the next morning & caught a flight to Tulsa.
Thanks to everyone who made the fun all possible!