December 17, 2012

Five Months

I can't believe this boy is getting so BIG so fast!
Slow it down buddy!
Yesterday, at church, I got to hold a 2-month old, who had already been passed around a bunch & was not happy. She came to church with her grandma & I would imagine she just wanted her mama. I figured I had to be the closest thing to her mama. (Who knows best how to hold a 2-month old than someone who just had a 2-month old 3 months ago - do you follow?) Anyway, she calmed right down & fell asleep. My theory was correct & it made me feel pretty good to be the 'Professional.'
Oliver has recently become VERY attached to me. :) He will be screaming & sobbing when Jordan has him & then takes one look at me & starts to laugh. {I then, start to laugh & Jordan then, rolls his eyes. Poor Dad.} I told him the tides will be turned eventually & all Ollie will want is for Daddy to come home.
We have been pretty busy lately...
'tis the Season' for business. Ollie & I will be headed to AZ soon, shortly followed by Jordan, so we had our Christmas a little early this year.
Ollie loves his new jumperoo!
The only problem...
are those shrimpy legs! Easily remedied! :)
We are ready for Christmas to get here officially. All we need is to pack & find a home for this cuddly creature over the holidays. {His previous sitter has sadly moved. Sad story!}
Who wouldn't want him curled up on their lap on Christmas morning?!?

December 11, 2012

Rice Cereal

"Oliver! Tell us your feelings towards rice cereal!"
"Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel?!"
Cadbury, at least, is interested.

December 3, 2012

Reindeer Sweater

I have been on the search for a Christmas sweater.
Not for myself...for Cadbury.
Every dog needs a Christmas sweater. {In my opinion.}
I finally found the perfect one.
The other morning, I asked Cadbury, "Where is your ball? Go find your ball!"
Referring to this orange, indestructible ball...
He took off searching every nook & cranny of the house then disappeared. I figured he got bored, couldn't find his ball & got distracted by a squirrel in need of being chased and barked at.
Then I heard Cadbury come bursting through the doggy door & he dropped this next to me.
One of his 'outside-ONLY' balls. He was as proud as a peacock. I think he took offense when I picked it up {with a tissue} & threw it out the back door. ;)
Since we have a Cadbury themed post going here, this was the scene at our house this morning.
Can't help but love that Diablo Blanco!

December 2, 2012

Sweet Cheeks

My sister did a very short photo shoot with Oliver while we were in town.
{Short because he quickly turned into a grump.}
He has brought so much joy into his parents' lives & we love him so much more than we could ever have imagined.
Yesterday, I was a little upset at Jordan over something & Oliver started laughing at me.
It made it very difficult to be serious when such a cute face was laughing at my anger. I suppose it is only fair, I do the exact same thing to him. Whenever he starts to get grumpy, I try to make him laugh instead.
Ollie is getting so much personality & I can tell he is only going to make us fall more in love with him & those sweet cheeks with every passing day.

November 30, 2012

First Thanksgiving

Oliver made his second appearance in Arizona to be with all our family for Thanksgiving.
The flights went smoothly - - WHEW!
We had Thanksgiving with the Rogers clan first.
The chefs...
I think Oliver wanted to taste something other than his usual meal. Next year big guy!
Everything was very tasty...I wish Thanksgiving came around more than once a year!
As if we hadn't eaten enough for a month already, we then headed over to the Shill clan for more tasty treats.
Chris & Heather
just moved into a new house & volunteered to host.
The kids used all the moving boxes to build forts in the backyard.

The food was delish, but the pies were the main attraction!
Tim, Mom, & I spent 2 whole days working on all those pies! {Heather donated her time with the 2 Lemon Meringues.}
It was totally worth it!
The day after Thanksgiving was my father-in-laws birthday!
{It is also my brother, Tim's, birthday, but he spent it with his fam.}
We all celebrated by going to dinner!
{Which, by the way, was really fun & we need to do that more often.}
It was also Black Friday, so my mom & I were thrilled when Jordan volunteered to babysit so we could do some shopping.
Jordan's idea of babysitting...
{Going over to Grandma's so she can babysit - Thanks!}
Where was ol' Cadbury during our trip???
Getting spoiled by Jordan's co-worker & her 11-year-old daughter...and hopefully NOT eating their turkey dinner.
We are excited to see everyone again in less than a month!

November 29, 2012

Four Months

I was excited to hear how much baby boy has grown at his four month check-up.
He is in the 75 percentile for head circumference
and weight...
{Muscle weighs more than chub!}
& we can officially start calling him shrimpy for continuing to be in the 25th percentile for height!
He requires less & less support each day to sit up.
He has started reaching for toys and can pick them up in those chubby little hands.
He smiles a whole bunch
and gets the giggles more frequently...
{He LOVES my fake coughing!}
He likes to go on walks, but does not like to get bundled up in his 'it's super cold so we have to put on layers' outfit.
Cadbury & Oliver make googly eyes at one another all day long. Cadbury is the only one that steals kisses...for now.
Ollie sleeps through the night, but naps during the day are a different story. I won't complain so long as he keeps sleeping through the night.
He is pretty much the BEST BABY IN THE WORLD! ;)
We love this cute, rosy-cheeked little boy!