July 29, 2014

Ninety Degrees

The other night it got down to Ninety-Something Degrees. Which in Arizona, means you better go outside and enjoy the 'cool' weather. So we did.
Ollie played with all his long-lost outdoor toys.

This kid loves playing outside.

Only a couple more months of sweltering heat buddy and then you can live outside  
a l l  w i n t e r  l o n g  for all I care.

July 28, 2014

Putting Sloths On the Map

One of my favorite movies is Ice Age. In my family, I am kind of known for my impersonations of Sid the Sloth. 
I quote the movie all the time. {Other movies I quote all the time include but are not limited to: The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, and Mulan
There is a scene where Sid is etching a picture of a sloth on a wall
and when asked what he is doing he answers, "I'm putting sloths on the map." I have been feeling the same way. So I am putting myself on the map, so to speak.
Stepping out from behind the camera for a limited appearance...
 Ollie - your mom DOES exist! {That's me, talking to him in the future. You know, when he looks back at this blog and sees a thousand pictures of his cute little self, but asks, "Where are YOU, Mom?"}
You can see how thrilled Ollie was with having his picture taken.
Cadbury thought he would like to be put on the map as well. 
Mission accomplished.

July 26, 2014


It brings happiness and cheer to my soul when I see how much fun Ollie has had with his cousins this summer. He loves to play with them, copy them, follow them around, and learn new things from them. We have done so many fun things lately. A few weeks ago we went to Big Surf with Beth and kids. Ollie & Drake spent a couple hours there and then I took them to G-ma and Gpa's to nap. It didn't take long for both of them to pass out. I ditched the Dodo's and went back to hang out with these fun kiddos 
until closing time. 

It was a blast!
A couple days after that, we all went to Stapley Pool.  Ollie absolutely loved it there.

& so did I, for that matter.
After  l  o  n  g  days of swimming, we both enjoyed chilling out at home.

Ollie even fell dead asleep in the car one day, which NEVER happens.
Most of the time, this is what happens in the car...

This week, we went to the Sea Life Aquarium with Heather and kids.

Ollie thought this place was pretty rockin' as well.

Ryan and Ollie {Ryan was just trying to turn Ollie's head so he would look at the camera. :)}
In the shark tunnel, the floor was glass and Ollie sprawled out on it to get a better look at the creatures under his feet.
Have I forgot to mention the AWESOME RED RAIN BOOTS?

I found those bad boys for $6 and couldn't pass them up. They have been his shoe of choice for the last several days. :) Somebody get this kid some cowboy boots!
We have loved spending our summer days with cousins! It's exhausting...
but worth it!

July 18, 2014


My baby turned TWO yesterday. 
We all had a pretty great day. 
We had pancakes for breakfast and then went to play with all the kids at Beth's. The kids perfected their dancing skills to 'What Does the Fox Say' about a half dozen times in a row. He opened up the first of one of his favorite presents...
Before {note the yellow minion hat}
After {A New HAAATT!}
We had a toddler inspired dinner after Ollie's nap. An array of finger foods such as: 
Chick-fil-A Nuggets {with lots of dipping sauces}
French Fries from In-N-Out {with ketchup}
Fruit Platter {with Vanilla Bean Yogurt dip}
Veggie Tray {with ranch dip}
Chocolate Cake for dessert! {no dip necessary}
It was all going swell...
 UNTIL the Flaming Cake of Death got too close.
Good thing he had cousins to blow out the candles for him before he had a heart attack. After he recovered from his near death experience he opened way too many presents. He opened up his most favorite present...
SHOES! And not just ordinary shoes. Shoes that light up when he stomps his foot!!!
Does it get any better than that?!?
Well, yes.
The crowd then headed outside for an extra special birthday present unveiling...

After a few rides, Ollie enjoyed watching his cousins drive around while he ate cake.

 Check out those pretty brown eyes.
All done!

I seriously love my little two year old. He tests my limits, 
but more often than not, he makes me laugh out loud. I hope you enjoyed your special day as much as I did Ollie Rogers!
We L♥VE you!
Happy Birthday, Lovey!