June 27, 2014


I grew up playing in irrigation
We had a ginormous backyard and I remember running through it with my four-legged friends all day long. 
{Chewie, Chelsea, Star, Kady, & Cinder}
I would then jump in the pool to get all the dead grass clippings off and before I was allowed back inside the house. Now that I think of it, it might be a little gross, playing in irrigation water. It for sure has a fishy smell to it. What definitely makes it gross is that there was a HUGE pile of manure {horse/cow turds} in the corner of the backyard {Dad used this to refill flower beds and kept a very large mound of it at all times for this purpose} so when we got irrigation there was also a layer of manure that sat on top of the water. I also remember HATING baths/showers. I had this irrational fear of someone opening a secret door in the shower and kidnapping me while I was in my birthday suit. Thus, when I DID shower, I made one of my parents stand guard. Which leads me, finally, to my conclusion...I must have been a very stinky little girl.
Irrigation + Manure + No Baths = Stench
My parents no longer live in that Dream House, but they still get irrigation at this house, so when dad started irrigating the other day, I took the boys out to play.

 They started out in clothes, 

but that didn't last too long.

The irrigation also provided Cadbury with his first taste of playing in water. I wasn't sure what he would do. I think this photo answers that...
We had a lot of fun that day. 
After we all got cleaned up 
we enjoyed some snuggle time with grandpa.
We got to hangout/play/babysit Drake for a couple afternoons and were so glad he got to share in on all the fun. The next day we kept things a little more low-key, but I think the boys had just as much fun together with this next activity...
Come play with us anytime, Drakey!

June 20, 2014

The Warm Summer Sun

You know when you grow up and you have to do grown-up things like work during the summer and you long for the 3-month long summer days filled with sunshine and fun?? I feel like this summer, is like those childhood days of yore. 
I have a little friend to spend my time with and it feels so SO good to be out in the sunshine once more.

Once again, "Haatt!"

 I haven't had this much sunshine since I got married! I am loving it and I feel like Olaf from Frozen...
"Oh, I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot."
It's all too unfortunate getting Ollie OUT of the pool isn't as easy as getting him in the pool. THAT scene, of course, was not pictured.
And, of course, it does get to be like a bajillion degrees in this here state so we can't spend every waking moment outside. When we are found indoors we do things like:
♦ Snuggle up and watch Mickey Mouse.
 ♦ Practice the recorder.
♦ Play with cousins. 

♦ Learn new sounds like, "What does a tiger say?"
 ♦ Put lots of shoes and hats on and off. This picture was taken moments after FINALLY finding his favorite hat after it had been missing a week. The munchkin had put it right there under that 'sink.' I never thought to look there cause I have never seen him open these toy cupboards. 
We are so grateful for these warm summer days we get to spend surrounded by some of our favorite people.

June 18, 2014


I HATE being behind on this here blog! It makes me crazy. So hopefully after this it will be more up to speed and I won't have it weighing on my conscience. 
Like I said, we have moved back to Arizona and life could NOT be better. Things have all fallen into place and we know we made the right choice to come back. Jordan wasn't without a job for even a week before a job pretty much fell into his lap. It is all kind of a blur but Stephen, JJ, and Jordan loaded the U-Haul and made the trek from Oklahoma to Arizona. They got here on a Saturday. We unloaded everything {thank you SO much family} Saturday night and Monday was Memorial Day. As we got everything settled in I remember thinking on Monday..."Well, let's enjoy the holiday and then let the job search commense." Jordan woke up on Tuesday with an e-mail from a guy in Tempe who wanted to interview with him. {A contact from American Airlines had sent Jordan's resume.} He had an interview that Wednesday and a second interview that Friday. The following week he had the job! AND he is loving it! Yay! We are all loving life right now and it has been absolutely splendid being surrounded by family and getting the love and support we have needed for the past couple of years. So, with all that said...now for the photo update!
{Totally not sorted out and all kind of random, some are in Tulsa still - but they gotta get on here someday!}
Ollie has been "going nigh night" whenever he thinks it might be a funny time and will make Mom laugh...
the little smirk.

 I guess he didn't approve of his photo being taken. Stinker.
Thankfully, Ollie started actually watching t.v. the week I had to start packing up the house. He watched the movie Beethoven several times {his obvious fave} and occasionally would assume this pathetic stance for minutes until he snapped out of it.

 {Now that we are in Arizona, there is so much going on and so many other things to do, the little guy has gone back to paying little to no attention to the t.v. Good boy.}
A cute pic of Gru.
 You will see throughout these pics the boy needs a haircut. BAD. He always wears a hat so I always forgot to cut it. I finally cut it last week. Oh, can you tell what he is saying?!...
Such a handsome dude. :)
 Two handsome dudes.
Ollie and Rio said Goodbye! So SO sad. :(

 We sure are going to miss that Rio girl and her awesome parents.
Ollie taking after his parents...

 That haircut I was talking about...Olivia needs a haircut!
More playing "nigh night."

I taught him to smell the flowers and he finally got it. 

 Cadbury apparently caught on too...
On Memorial Day, at the cemetery visiting Grandpa's who served our country.
 Chris and Heather's gang went up to the cabin in Prescott and invited us up for the day. The weather was gorgeous and we all had a pretty great time.

 Batter UP!
The Outfielders.
 Thanks for the invite guys! Let's do it again sometime!

We celebrated getting a new job! Oh, happy day!

 Oliver has taken up the harmonica...and performs in the buff, apparently.

And finally....'Does this haircut look good on me, or what?!'

Last but not least, Cadbury has obviously taken up playing the recorder. He is a dog of many talents, what can I say.
Done! It wasn't as grandiose as originally planned, but it got the job done and now I am officially caught up!