February 22, 2011

Made It

On Friday, February 11, I said goodbye to
& Dad
& said HELLO to Tulsa!
I came just in time for some perfectly marvelous weather & all of our precious belongings got there just hours before I did!
I've been busy unpacking & setting up shop, but things are getting pretty near complete.  For now, anyway.  I have visions.  Things that need painted, pictures that need to be hung, & furniture that needs purchased, but I have some anxious family waiting to see the new headquarters. 
So, as requested, I happily present our new Home Sweet Home!
Take the first left & you enter the 2nd Bed & Bath.  Right now, the 2nd Bedroom is a HUGE mess, so naturally, it is not pictured.
The 2nd Bathroom
Back to the Main Entry & take your first right...you enter the kitchen.
Walk through kitchen & turn around.
Dining Room
Family Room
Breakfast nook in family room.
Master Bedroom.
Master Bathroom when you first enter...
go left for a steaming hot, relaxing bath in the garden tub...
or go right for a shower.
Located below us is our very first garage.  Jordan is very excited about this feature.  Finally a place for the loves of his life.
♥ ♥ ♥ Tacoma & Quad ♥ ♥ ♥
There you have it folks! 
Our new home!
We are enjoying it here in Oklahoma.  I cannot even begin to tell you how friendly everyone is here.  On Sunday, we attended our new ward & after church the Bishop & 2nd Counselor spent an entire hour just chatting with us & allowing us to get to know each other.  We are having a great time getting to know the area & the weather has been absolutely heavenly since I got here.
Thank you to all those who have been thinking about us & have helped us along the way!
We love & miss our family back in Arizona.

February 9, 2011


My Grandma was One of A Kind.
My Dad said it best,
 "At funerals the person is usually talked up & sometimes you are left wondering who it was the speaker is speaking of, but not Ruth.  She really was that great."
It was a beautiful funeral.
 Her children did a fantastic job.
Grandma looked as peaceful as I've ever seen someone look.
It was so wonderful to see all of her wonderful posterity.
My family.
My Uncle Gary & Aunt Kathy's family [small piece of a large family].
Aunt Diane & Uncle Bill's family.
Uncle Norman & Aunt Donna's family.
The Shill's.
Brothers & Cousins - - the Pallbearers.
Grandma's final resting place is next to her sweetheart and surrounded by lots of family who have gone on before her.
Like her son.  Uncle Norman's headstone newly arrived.
{His beautiful Grand-daughters.}
Some of Grandma's Great-Grandchildren excited to get one of the pretty purple roses
that were part of the floral spray [made by Ellen]
that laid on top of the casket.
Her greatest legacy is the righteous & bountiful posterity she has left behind.
Thank you, Grandma for your Christlike example.  We will think of you often.
Love you & missing you already.
"The inner half of every cloud is bright and shining.  I therefore turn my clouds about and always wear them inside out to show the lining."

February 2, 2011

This Is Goodbye

{Let us all pretend I got around to posting this last week.}
Last week we flew to Tulsa to find our HOME.
I experienced First Class for the first time.
Everyone knew it was my first time, thanks to the overly nice flight attendant who insisted on taking our picture, but had not the slightest comprehension on how to work a digital camera.
Can you tell Jordan is getting a little flustered?
The woes of flying first class.  ;)
I have got to be honest, I was sitting there with an absurd amount of leg room, sipping on my orange juice [from a glass!] & I thought..."You know, this is nice, but nothing too extravagant."
Then they brought me my breakfast!
"I take it back!  This is the BOMB!"
 ♦ Strawberries ♦♦ Blueberries ♦♦ Banana
 ♦ Orange Juice
♦ Corn flakes ♦
♦ Yogurt ♦
♦ Warmed Bagel ♦♦ Cream Cheese ♦
Anyway, those fancy folks in first class have got it going on!  If you ever get the chance, roll around in it, got nuts, shout Hallelujah!
Jordan & I looked at about eight different places & were thrilled to find the place we will now call home.  It had everything I was looking for & has made all my dreams come true.  I am so excited to get there!
The day we flew back to Arizona, Jordan got a phone call from his new employer & they asked if he could start the following Wednesday...it was sooner than we had expected, but what does that matter.  So Jordan hopped on a plane on Tuesday morning & he will start work on Wednesday.
What about me, you ask?
I am in Arizona.
I so very badly want to be in my new fabulous home with my darling, but I must be patient a little while longer.
The moving company is not coming for over a week so I am hanging out to make sure all goes smoothly.
Since we found out we [Jordan] would be leaving so soon, we had to gather together to say goodbye to our priceless families, whom we will miss ENORMOUSLY.
Aaron& Aimie graciously hosted a farewell BBQ for us.
Side Note: Caisa & Zayda (pictured above) were really excited about us moving & actually wanted to come with us.  When their mother mentioned tornadoes they retracted those feelings.  Since they heard there were tornadoes in Oklahoma they have been extremely concerned about us.  They are 100% sure, we are going to die.  When giving them goodbye hugs, I said, "We'll see you again."  They just shook their heads.  To which I reply, "Well, then I guess this is really goodbye."  Those girls are just too cute & I really hope we do see their sweet faces again.
Aaron & Aimee - - that was seriously so kind & thoughtful!  Thank You!
The day before Jordan left, he played one final ping-pong tournament with his dad.
You guys do know we will be back, a lot, right?!?
That evening we met the whole Rogers' clan for ice cream.  Jordan is pretty lovable & I do completely understand wanting to spend every last minute with him.
We are really feeling the love.
Of course, I know we are going to be missed, but it was nice to KNOW we were going to be missed.
Thank you, All, for the love & support.
{Thank you for pretending it is last week, now please, rewind to the present.}
       Tulsa welcomes Jordan.   
With snow!
Record breaking amounts of snow!!!
[By the way, the Yaris is a rental car, not something we would buy.  Sorry Yaris owners.]
It's not all bad though.
Jordan got to stay home from work for two days.
Sounds nice, you say?
Normally, yes, but this time, wrong.
Jordan is living & was stuck in our amazing apartment without any of our belongings.
No t.v., no Internet, no chair, or even a real bed.
Things he does have:
Cot, camping chair, lightweight jacket, cereal, laptop (DVD player stopped working on the laptop, no Internet access as mentioned above, not even solitaire works on the laptop.  Need a new laptop.).
It will be a modern day miracle if the guy makes it out of this without losing his marbles.
Hang in there Honey Darling, I will be there as soon as I possibly can.