July 25, 2017

Edison Wayne

I have a lot to catch up on - mainly, the drama of our home {can you say roach infestation + total overhaul of 60 year old plumbing + one whole month of not even living in our house because it was unlivable while I was 8 months pregnant + $$$ = poopy situation} but for now I will catch up on the most important update which is our very own...
 We was evicted 19 minutes before the Fourth of July - we tried to hold out, but this dude wasn't gonna wait to share his birthday with the nation. I, once again, had pre-eclampsia and while this guy was only five days early (Oliver was 10 days early) he weighed in at a mere 6 pounds 1 ounce (Oliver was 6 lbs. 7 oz.) 
Oliver is proud and loves giving kisses and soft pats to his brothers soft feathery hair.
 I read that if you experience heart burn during pregnancy, your baby will have more hair and boy did that ring true!

Dimples, like his mama and brother...

 Jane is one proud cousin and would hold him all day if we let her.
It's been three weeks since this "cutie buns" (Ollie's adoring nickname for him) joined our family and we love the little guy more than we could've imagined. He is getting bigger each day. We are tired from lack of sleep (Edison's days and nights are still mixed up) but infinitely grateful for our newest precious addition.