April 15, 2015

My Twin's Birthday

People are always assuming I am my sister, Beth. On Saturday, I went to a wedding reception and she did not. On Sunday, {her birthday} she got a Happy Birthday and thank you for being at the reception message on Facebook. She was pleased that she no-showed, but still got credit. She was not pleased, however, with her birthday being on a Sunday. I tried to make her feel better about it by offering to make her dinner & dessert.
Then on Monday, we went to Tia Rosa's for her birthday lunch.
I like to think, I made it the best birthday ever.
 Grandpa & Jane
The Peterson brood.
Oliver loves baby Jane.
Who wouldn't?!?
Party animal crashed after all the excitement.
Adam is embarrassing...
...and Bennett made off with my camera to take selfies...
More weirdos...
Happy Birthday, Betty!
Elyce - come visit & I will create a magical birthday evening for you too!

April 14, 2015

Fountain Hills

Last weekend, we took Oliver to Fountain Hills to see the fountain and play at the park. It was a fun little outing and I am glad Jordan made me go. {I wanted to be boring all day running errands and getting stuff done.}

It always amazes me with how high the fountain can go.
Ollie was more impressed by the park than the fountain. He always takes a while to warm up to playing with kids he doesn't know, but eventually gets over it and has a good time.
I am thankful for great afternoons with my boys.

April 9, 2015

Fort Building

Yesterday when I went to get Oliver from his nap, he immediately asked before I could walk out of the room, "You wanna play in my room, Mom?"
And seriously, how do you say "no" to that.
You don't. So we built a super awesome fort.

When he was done, it got destroyed. Thanks for always wanting to play with me Ollie. You keep me young...and make me feel old all at the same time.
This morning he asked, "Mom, you want a kiss?" YES!!
Cadbury hasn't gotten any airwaves lately...
He is a good dog. He stalks me at night, following me around. If he sees me going for my tennis shoes {which means going on a walk} he goes bonkers. He owns the backyard. If someone enters his terrain, he thinks that means you have solely come to play fetch with him. Cadbury rarely loses interest in a game of fetch and only tires after he has played with each and every one of us. He misses the squirrels. If he escapes the yard {usually a gate opened by one of the neighbor girls} he doesn't go very far. Just next door to see if one of the neighbor dogs would play with him. Our little social butterfly. He loves a good scratch of the ears & still will eat anything someone throws at him, or drops. We love you Cadbury - sorry Oliver has taken to calling you Badbury.

April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

We dyed eggs with Oliver. He colored the eggs with a wax crayon while I did the potentially messy job.


We had egg hunts the next two days. Ollie did well at the Rogers' Family egg hunt.

{When you are two, you don't have to wear your pants to hunt for eggs.}
But at the Shill Family egg hunt, he just started opening the eggs and eating the candy out of them.

 This picture is called "Mom won't let me eat any more of my Easter candy."
Oliver's Easter basket included fun items such as: candy, green crocs, Curious George coloring book, Duck Tales DVD {which I have to exchange/return because I opened it myself and it had 2 of 3 discs}, and a CD of the Children's Primary Songbook.
We spent most of the weekend visiting with family and watching General Conference. Happy Easter!

April 1, 2015

April Fool's

I do not generally come up with anything to do to innocent, unsuspecting victims on April Fool's Day. My sister, however...she's cray cray. Here are a few examples of her craziness. A few months ago, she wanted to wrap Ollie up in her newborn carrier. Ollie didn't know what to think of it,
but it doesn't look like he was a fan.

A couple nights ago, she snuck into our bathrooms and replaced our toilet paper with a special brand of toilet paper she had bought...it had a printed portrait of our ever awe inspiring President {not!}. The morning of April 1st she called and told me her plans to bake brownies, crumble them up and smear them on the toilets at her house and mine. When the kids saw it she was going to walk over and eat it off the seat. She wanted to know if I would be the one at my house to eat it off of Ben's toilet seat. Umm, no. Sorry sister. {Her kids ended up with the attitude of "Mom, what's the big deal. It's brownies.' Weirdo} She called later that night to ask if I would drive to the church by our house where Adam {her husband} was for mutual. Would I leave a note on his car that said, "Sorry, I backed into your car. Call me, blah, blah , blah and I'll fix it." I came up with a better plan.
Jordan wrote this note, while I dictated. "I backed into your car. Sorry, I'm only writing this because people are watching. Peace!"
Apparently we ruined his night. He drove to his parents house nearby to inspect and couldn't find any damage to his car in the dark. His wise father said, "You know it's April Fools Day, maybe it's a joke." Adam replied, "No, this feels real." Ha ha! He got home and after a little bit, Beth fessed up, but the damage to his mood was done. Sorry Adam, you married her and I just follow orders. We'll see what she comes up with for next year.