December 5, 2016

Jam Packed October

 We had a busy October! I had already forgotten all that we did until I started downloading pictures. Auntie Heather has been on the mend and we spent a couple days helping out. Ollie loves playing with Jocelyn and Aunt Heather. Here Ollie is meeting Albert Bergetti who loves his spaghetti...

He was also trying on an old Halloween costume Heather made of Mr. Potato Head - that's what the brown hat is for.
Beth called me one night before October break and said Lucy needed dental help. Their dentist was already out of town and she had a baby tooth that needed some attention. After a trip to the drugstore for some Ora-jel and tweezers I popped off that baby tooth. Lucy was unsure of the whole thing, but she said we can still be friends.
 I don't know what to say about the next picture. Just some random day with Ollie doing some random cuddling with blankies.
We got to go to the beach for October break with the entire Rogers clan.

This was Oliver's first time going to the beach, staying at the beach, and doing so for multiple days in row. He started off a little scared of the ocean, but after an hour and a session with his dad in the water with him, it was constant play and no fear.
One night we walked down to the harbor for ice cream. Ollie loves chocolate.
 Ollie & Daisy were happily reunited and as cute as ever!

 Ollie loves Jack and Cannon too! Sure wish both those families lived in Arizona like the good old days!
 Uncle Jordan is a favorite among the kids. He played in the ocean, swimming pool, and sand.
It was great to be with everybody like we used to do. We had too much fun and it was sad to leave.
Once home we decorated for Halloween - which doesn't include very much. What you see was dropped off by my parents. Thanks guys!
I had spare apples one day that needed to be used, so it only makes sense to make crumble apple pie. 
 Another random moment with Ollie Rog.
 "I'm busy working, Mom."
AKA - adding dirt to a bucket of water to make mud/mess.
 How do you say "no" to all of this...
 I have been busy with repainting these yellow oak bar-stools my mom found for superbly cheap at a garage sale. {I've spent more on spray paint than on the actual chairs. Shh, don't tell Jordan Rog.}
 One crazy evening at the Petey's and after watching a Youtube video of called Akbar or some sorts, Drake came out wearing this. That family is special. With special kids. That make the rest of us laugh.
 Speaking of special...

 Cadbury got bathed so he was super fluffy/had a large bottom.
 "Top of the mornin' to ye."
 Ollie and I had the wonderful opportunity to board a plane for Denver to see some of my favorite peeps! It was a super late night but this guy was amazing.
 After getting to sleep at 2 a.m. we woke up as early as we could to make the trek to the North Pole! Ollie met Santa in the flesh, at his home, and asked for a squeaky dinosaur for his dog.
 After a little prodding as to what HE wanted for HIM on Christmas he asked for a trumpet.
It was a good ol' time! 

After a late night the night before and a day at Santa's house, this kid was whooped.
We did a lot of shopping and really this kid was a trooper, just not at this particular moment.

I had a love/hate relationship with sharing a bed with this cutie.
More shopping...Ollie was a fan of Pottery Barn Kids - he has good taste.
We took Ollie - my little man - to Little Man Ice Cream.

The decorations were so cute & the ice cream was worth the wait!
Ollie's Preschool class ready for their Halloween party!

Ollie was super indecisive with his Halloween costume. He literally changed his mind/made up some weird idea every day for a month. So approaching a few days before the big day, I made a list of options. He came up with and loved being Linus for the second year in a row. Whatever dude.

Actual Halloween day was busy and I decided last minute to make the traditional donuts on my own vs. with my mom who didn't want to eat the calorie packed donuts. It was too dark to take pics outside so the bathroom provided less than ideal lightning.
This is Pumpkin - Ollie's vampire pumpkin.
Randomly placed pics in the middle of Halloween...these jammies rock my world. So ridiculous. I can't wait for summer just so I can but these bad boys out again.
I found the perfect knobs for the bathroom cabinet.

And continuing with Halloween...DONUTS!!!

Oliver has learned to write his name and writes it on every piece of artwork he produces, as he should.
I went shopping with my sister and couldn't talk her into this purchase, but I still laugh about these ridiculous jams.

My gal Jane.
That finally sums up October! Jam packed for sure with great memories!