April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

We had a nice three day weekend getting projects done around the house. I woke up Thursday morning to Oliver waiting for me to wake up so I could partake in the egg hunt he set up in his room. If you look closely I see three eggs hidden in the following picture.
 I came up with the idea of setting the sprinkler under the trampoline so Oliver would be entertained while Jordan worked on the shed and I got some furniture sanded and stained. He thought it was the best thing ever and after he jumped he played in the leftover muddy yard.
 Here is the little desk my mom and I found at a garage sale two houses down for $15 that needed a little tlc while Ollie played on the tramp. This is after the tlc.
Cadbury getting into the Easter spirit!
 We spent the rest of the weekend working on getting air conditioning to the laundry room. The handyman was here most of Saturday, but that room feels absolutely lovely now. I went out shopping with Beth that night and after a busy couple of days and a late night, my prego body was aching. My feet are swollen up nice and plump and getting up and going for 9 o'clock church was tough. I squeezed my feet into some sandals and waddled to church. I got pics of the one and only, Oliver...

 Jordan jumped in there in time for our neighbors to pull up and offer to take one of all three of us. I declined. Being swollen, feeling crummy and having my picture taken wasn't going to happen. These guys look Easter-tastic though!
 We had dinner & an egg hunt with some of the Rogers side, then headed over to say Happy Easter to some of the Shill side. We got home at bedtime and realized Oliver had a fever. Shoot. It was a rough night that included not one but two temperatures that topped out at 105 degrees. He was coherent and in rather good spirits despite feeling like poo so I knew once meds kicked in and he got some sleep he would be okay and he has been. Hopefully we have a better night tonight. This was my breakfast burrito this morning...
Feel better little guy. Happy Easter!

April 15, 2017

The Last Six Months

At some point in October we found out we were expecting baby Rogers #2! We kept the happy news to ourselves until Christmas.
In November, Elyce took us to the Adele concert.
THE ADELE concert!!!
It was amazing and so much fun.
The holidays were great - I don't remember much other than what I have pics of.
 On top of my parents roof, I helped put up some Christmas lights.
 Minion Ollie
 Our Christmas tree made the house smell like Christmas. Cadbury hated the holidays. I vaguely remember him hating them in previous years. Too much craziness and no routine. Plus his perch at this window was taken from him to make room for the tree. He cheered up as soon as Christmas was over.
 Oliver's preschool program...

 He was Joseph in the nativity.

Oliver & Miss Peggy
 Oliver and a doughnut.
 Oliver cuddling Black Bear
 Oliver and the Peanuts' Gang
 Oliver and Mommy on my birthday at the temple lights.
Jordan's back went out that morning - so he wasn't there. He was very courteous and let me sleep in a few hours before he called me. I thought he was wishing me happy birthday, but he said he was still at home and stuck on the bathroom floor. I drug him to the hallway and called our parents for help. He improved over time, but had a pretty miserable day. Sorry Jordy!
We went with Beth's fam to the temple lights.

 Oliver & Cadbury

 A cute pic of Oliver doing something I can't remember.
 I started to feel really crappy after the holidays. I threw up a lot more than I care to think of, and Oliver must have watched too much Penguins from Madagascar because he came up with this...
on his own. He is Private and does it even better than the penguin himself. 
I don't want to turn this pic around. It's my grocery list and Oliver wrote out "Oreos."
 Since Oliver's birthday is in July, they celebrated his 4.5 birthday in January at Preschool. It was a chilly day and we brought Popsicles for treats. Whoops!
 At 15 weeks I went to the doctor to check out baby BOY!
 Santa brought Oliver a trampoline for Christmas! He has spent hours out there and loves it!

 Batman sunglasses made their way in our shopping cart one shopping trip.
 Oliver the master builder
 I made a bubble station for the backyard.
Oliver's first root beer float he definitely approved.
 Crazy kids.
 Tommy's baptism and all the kids.
 My valentine - again, too lazy to turn this pic and re-download.
 Jordan got a shock of a lifetime when his parents surprised him with their baby grand for his birthday. Bennett is giving it a go. It has been great having a piano! One of the best gifts ever!

 Ollie's preschool had a zoo trip...
It rained
 and then it hailed!
 Then the sun came out & shined bright for the rest of the afternoon.
 Oliver shaking his dino booty in his Halloween costume from when he was two. Still skinny, just taller.

This is my old bunny costume from when I was in preschool. Oliver was a good sport and tried it on for two minutes before he took it off.
 We visited Lindsay's family in Canon City, Colorado last month. They spoiled us and Oliver and Cannon were inseperable. Best cousin buddies!
 We visited the Royal Gorge and rode the gondola across.

 There was an amazing kids playground on the other side.

 After a long walk down a long shaking bridge because it was so windy, we found a ladybug.
 Mid day date with my handsome boy
 I've been painting furniture left and right and finished the baby's room. Hopefully pictures to come, but I don't have a very good track record lately. I love how Oliver's dresser turned out.
We babysat Beth's family for a week while they went to Hawaii. Oliver and Jane became inseparable.
 Twinners one night at bedtime
 My baby Jane!
 Speaking of twins - these guys are 18 months apart, but don't look it. There was some serious bribing and begging to make this pic happen.
 Oliver is so sweet with Jane. He loves her, but I think she loves him even more.
A quick visit for her birthday. We all went grocery shopping together and filled the cart with random fun.
 Happy Birthday, Aunt Wheece!
 We love you and all your "Cheese"-iness!

 Speaking of cheese - this kid is chalked full of it.
 He made me my very own Easter egg hunt the other morning when I woke up.
 & to cap off the many, many pictures. Oliver helped Jordan get piles of dirt from Bapa's wonderland for the backyard and Ollie was king of the dirt mountain. (Sorry about the sideways)
To sum up the last six months I would use the word lazy. I have been feeling pretty worthless with this pregnancy, I had a good stint of feeling good and accomplishing things, but it seems that has passed and my feet are already the size of basketballs. I super hate pregnancy, but it will all be worth it come July. Other exciting things not pictured was a last minute Disneyland trip for Ben's 40th birthday. Tim borrowed a van from a friend, we surprised Ben at work, gave him an hour to pack and took off for Dland. We had a great day {Beth, Chris, Mom, Tim, Ben, and I} and lived it up like children until it was time to drive home. We got home at 4:30 in the morning but it was so much fun and I'm glad crazy ideas like that pop into Beth's head. Oliver is a super sweet 4 and a half year old and is such a big helper. I love that guy and him and his dad take good care of me. He told me a few weeks ago at bedtime, "Mom, I just super totally love you." 
Oliver - I just super totally love & appreciate & adore you too!