October 8, 2018

Bath Buddies and Dusty's Sweet Return

I was chatting with Oliver after he got home from school one afternoon when I looked over to see Edison standing on top of the dining room table. Like this...
 We were working on puzzles earlier and left a chair out and he saw the opportunity. So...we can't leave chairs out. Ever. He seriously has an eye for anything I might miss. All the time. I am constantly on my toes. Jordan went on a trip with his buddies one weekend so I got to sleep with this guy!
 My dad got up super early to help his neighbors haul a float for the homecoming parade to the high school. Isn't he cute?!
 I FINALLY ordered pictures to hang around the house. I haven't done this since Oliver was 18 months old. Yikes. So now the house feels more complete. I've got everything hung up and I love seeing these pictures around the house.
 Another night with Oliver in my bed. They're so cute when they're asleep.
 I love those lashes. ♥
 and I love these roll-filled buns!!!

 Brothers in the bath! Too bad we can't do it that often because they literally splash every surface of the bathroom and drench EVERYTHING!
 Rogers family birthday dinner - this time celebrating Zayda!

 I found Eddie like this...
 and unfortunately, this was his attempt at going BACK for another round behind the couch where things go to die and mounds of Cadbury hair and dirt dwell permanently. Eww.

 We all decided a siblings dinner was needed one day - - Adam represented the in-laws, who were all invited, but busy with kids - like Jordan. It was fun cramming into a mini-van and having fun conversation over delicious dinner.
Audrey came to play one morning!

 She mostly looked at me like this...she likes Eddie though and warms up to me eventually.

I realized Eddie is big enough for ol' Dusty - almost too big!

This was Oliver's favorite toy! 

This guy is now 15 months old!!

 This kid LOVES Jordan. Like, a lot. He is always his #1 choice. So the minute Daddy walks in the door he is always one step behind him, but preferable held by him.

 Oliver is learning his letters and always practicing writing. We made this note for Aunt Wheece.
Oliver was having a snack after school and apparently Edison was hungry...

 Edison loves hiding behind the curtains in his room and playing peek-a-boo!

 I drew these pictures for Ollie to paint one afternoon. He gave the jack-o-lantern one to his teacher after writing a nice note and we gave the minion one to cousin Jocelyn after she had her appendix out.
 Eddie chose to paint with his peanut butter sandwich since he isn't allowed to use actual paint.

 He made "lunch" and played music for me in a spur of the moment picnic.
 I showed him how to make a hat out of his frying pan, like his brother used to do.
 He thought that was silly.
 Here is a picture, or two, of Oliver reacting to the news that Edison had eaten a dead cockroach earlier that day.

 Yeah. He slid a piece of furniture over and found a dead cockroach behind it. I found little gray bits on his chin and looked around for what he could have eaten when I found the scene mentioned in the last sentence. He didn't seem to mind as much as I did. Life goes on, I guess.
I took Eddie to Wal-mart to get some groceries. Apparently, I have not ever taken him to Wal-mart. I hardly ever go, but when I discovered it was senior day at Fry's, my usual grocery store, we headed for Wal-mart. Eddie just starred at the high ceilings and giant Halloween displays. He pointed to everything.
 Oliver came home with his Picture Day pictures!

 Jordan had the idea to let Oliver drive the Jeep down the alley behind our house. It was definitely an 'off road' experience.

 Dads are definitely more fun than moms. At least Oliver's dad is more fun than Oliver's mom. I was just creeped out the whole time.
 It's Edison - the super baby!
 October break started today and Ollie and I are anxiously awaiting the delivery man to deliver a sweet Lego set we will be spending our Eddie nap time putting together!!! Thanks Aunt Wheece - we are soooo excited!
 Eddie was excited I made cinnamon rolls...

Here's to a fun start to a fun week off!