August 24, 2012


I must start off by showing off THE cutest baby picture...
My sisters came for a visit and Tim came up from Dallas last weekend.
I love my family and I LOVE that they are all coming to visit us!
We did a lot of hanging out and eating. {The things we do best!}
My sisters made sure my fridge was cleaned out and then re-stocked the shelves with delicious dinners and treats. They spoiled us badly and it makes me miss them dearly.
Bethany is the expert photographer, or as she would say "I am no professional!" but she is much more expert as compared to I. Anyway, she did several photo shoots with our sweet boy and here is a sampling.
He needs a crown and a bejeweled staff in this next one.
Now really, how can you not love that cute face!?!
Who do you think he looks like?
I think he looks like my side of the family BUT he has Jordan's nose.
Most people think he doesn't look like either of us too much, like he is a good mix.
He had his 1 month check-up and he gained nearly 3 pounds for a grand total of 9 lbs. 3 ozs.
He has started giving purposeful smiles, but you really have to work for it at this point.
I wouldn't mind if he gave me more of these either...

August 13, 2012

Four Weeks

I have never gotten less sleep in my life {& mind you, I am a girl who LOVES her sleep}.
So in the morning hours, after surviving the night, I surprise

myself when Ollie falls asleep while I am holding him and I could put him down then 1. Get more sleep myself or 2. Get stuff done like eat, go to the bathroom, or start a load of laundry,
I just want to sit there and hold & snuggle this cute boy!
He has brought me weeks of happiness!
Four weeks to be exact.
He is growing big and filling out.
I think he is creeping closer & closer to giving me some genuine smiles. Which will absolutely make my day!
This past weekend, Jordan & I learned what we are really made of as parents. My parents left us on Friday morning. :(
Sad, sad day!
Lucky for us, I think we can actually do this thing - we survived & the kid is still happy as a clam.

It breaks my to think of Ollie growing bigger & older and not having family get to see him on a regular basis to watch it all happen. I think we are going to have to use those flight benefits a heck of a lot more than we have in the past.
Thank you Mom & Dad for all your help. I can't imagine putting my life on hold for 5 WEEKS. {Yes, you read that correctly. 5 WEEKS!}
We were all very spoiled. We ate like kings. We were chauffeured around town. If I needed it, they went out to get it. They took care

of Oliver in the morning so I could catch some sleep.

They watered my plants. Played with the dog. And something I appreciated the VERY most was they kept me company. I love you guys! Thank you!

August 11, 2012

What Matters Most

I was up late {again} last night. While I waited for my sweet little babe
to fall asleep.
While I waited, I watched a couple videos that always give me a lift.
You has a way of handing out some tough stuff and I need a way to deal with the not so pleasant aspects of life.
So, this is what I did.
I held my baby all day yesterday, giving him lots of smooches.
I listened to some good tunes and sang along. {The little one liked that too.}
I watched this...
it is absolutely an instant pick-me-up & I try to watch it frequently. It brings me peace and I should get up every day and watch it.
Then I found this one...
which spoke words that were exactly what I needed to hear.
I am really good at being thoughtful {read on...I am not being as nice to myself as you may think}. My problem is the follow through.
I always think, 'I should write a note to so-and-so, just because.' Or 'I should make a treat and take it to so-and-so, just because.'
Things like that, only I never do them.
So I am not going to demand perfection {for it comes not to us in this life, but in the next one} of myself, but I am going to demand improvement.
At this very special time in my life, I know exactly what is important...

& I hope I never forget.

August 2, 2012

The Arrival

I have always been super nervous about giving birth. It terrified me. Throughout the pregnancy, I simply pushed the thought from my mind. Literally, I didn't think about having to actually give birth. That is how I coped. So here I am, in the hospital, hours from having to give birth, and I was totally fine with it. I was so excited to not be pregnant {& meet baby} that I had no fear.
Before I left my doctors office that morning he checked where I was at and I was 50% effaced and dilated to a 1+.  So to get things started, at 4:30 p.m. they gave me a dose of Cytotec to help soften my cervix. Then we had to wait 4 hours for that to do its thing before they could start me on Pitocin. At 8:30 p.m. I was put on a very small amount of Pitocin. I was very comfortable throughout all of this. It wasn't until my doctor came in at 11 p.m. to break my water that things started to get uncomfortable. At that time I was only dilated to a 2, but I was 90% effaced. He told us, he was going home and going to bed...I think he thought he would be getting more sleep than he ended up getting. :)  After being miserable for a few hours, I had enough, but was not ready for the epidural. Instead they gave me some pain medication and I immediately felt relaxed and much better. At this point I was only dilated to a 3. The pain medication didn't keep me comfortable for very long and at 3:30 a.m. I got the epidural. After settling back into the hospital bed, I realized I was still feeling intense contractions on the right side of my abdomen. The nurse called the anesthesiologist to come and fix the problem, but things quickly got hectic and I never saw the anesthesiologist again. While waiting for the anesthesiologist, the nurse checked where I was at, and excitedly reported I was dilated to an 8 or 9. Jordan went out into the hallway to report the good news to my parents. Just as he stepped out the door, I saw the look on the nurses face. She started fiddling with the monitor on my belly that monitored the baby's heartbeat. Having no luck on her own, 5 more nurses quickly rushed to my bedside. They put an oxygen mask over my face and another nurse checked what I was dilated to while another searched for a heartbeat. I was now dilated to a 9 and I heard the nurses saying to "get a table ready" (meaning C-Section). Tears streamed down my face and I saw Jordan peek his head into the room. Him and my parents were confused as to why nurses started flooding into my room. He lipped the words, "Are you okay?" And I quickly shook my head, "NO!" They did find the baby's heartbeat eventually and they called my doctor. He got there at 4 a.m. Thankfully, they did not rush me into a C-Section and after 30 minutes of labor at 4:36 a.m., our

sweet, perfect Oliver was laid across my chest.

They told me because I had progressed so quickly from being dilated at a 3 to a 9, Oliver kind of spasmed {something called Coning} and that was what happened with his heartbeat.
We both got a clean bill of health {well, sort of, my blood pressure was still way high, but I guess my doctor wasn't concerned about it...hopefully it has gone down since}, and we were both released to go home the next day.
Our entourage...
Dad, Uncle Gary, Aunt Kathy, Mom, Megan, and


The {New} Rogers Family

Uncle Chris (not pictured, or was pictured, but I didn't get sent the picture) & Uncle Tim drove up from Dallas to meet their new nephew.

Jordan's parents came to see Ollie too! He is very popular!

Check out my feet in the upper right corner of this next picture. Also check out the long, skinny,  string-bean, cutie pie named


In one week the water weight, and then some, melted off of me. I lost 40 pounds in one week and have lost 5 more since. This picture really puts it in perspective.
From the second that cute boy was out of me, I have been feeling absolutely fabulous! Being pregnant was horrible & I do not miss it for one minute!
Plus, I absolutely adore my boy!
He has been an absolute pleasure! He is such a pleasant baby. He sleeps a lot and only cries if he is naked or hungry. He is growing big and I can just stare at that cute face all day long. In fact, I do stare at it all day!
Cadbury has done wonderfully with the new babe. Only a couple times has he snuck a lick or two on those long baby feet. Other than that, he goes on about his own business. I don't think he is a huge fan of the interruptions to his sleep at night though. Jordan snapped this pic after one of the longer nights...
and on another morning, we found him hiding {mostly} under the bed.
We feel overwhelmed with the countless blessings this new baby has brought into our lives.
Life is good!