September 18, 2012

Mom Turns 30

For years, whenever my mom was asked for her age, she replied, "29."
After her last birthday, I told her she is going to have to say 30 now.
We had a Girls Lunch at Matta's! Yum!
At night, we went over to Beth & Adam's for the celebration.
Tim made BBQ pork tenderloin...
with every bite I took, I couldn't stop myself from saying, "WOW!" Seriously, so dang good. My bro can cook!
I made the German Chocolate Cake...
which doesn't disappoint either.
I cannot believe how BIG these 2 boys have grown, Drake & Quincy.
Drake couldn't believe I wasn't his Mother. Poor guy was very confused.
Can you see why?!
Even our husbands {mostly Jordan} mixes us up.
{Lucy &Ollie }
Happy Birthday Mama! We love you to pieces!

September 17, 2012


As I mentioned in the last post, Oliver has started smiling! Yay!
So, for your viewing pleasure, my smiley boy...
That's all, folks!
[P.S. A couple days ago, I heard a little laugh. Can't wait for more of those!]

September 16, 2012

Oliver's First Flight

We thought we would get Oliver started early on
flying. So at 6 weeks old, him & I boarded a plane for Arizona.
Thankfully, all Ollie did was sleep on the flight! Good baby! He really must have liked it because once we landed and got off the plane, he screamed all the way through the Phoenix Airport.
On Sunday, we arranged for Oliver
to be blessed at my parents house.
Jordan gave a beautiful Baby Blessing
and we were so glad to be surrounded by a lot of family.
Oliver was a perfect angel and slept through the entire you can see...
{Cousin Mayzie}
{Bro. Wilson representing the Bishopric, Uncle Adam, Grandpa Shill, & Uncle Chris}
{Cousin Caisa}
{Grandma & Grandpa Shill}
{and Grandma & Grandpa Rogers}
One of Jordan's best friends was able to come, Bryce, with his adorable newbie, Beckett.
{Uncle Aaron & Grandpa Rogers}
{Grandpa Rogers, Uncle Aaron, & Aunt Kelly}
Ollie wore the same outfit & booties his Dad wore when he was blessed.
We had a good time with family, as always.
It was fun to be home, where everyone could see,
 Oliver started smiling at 7 weeks old.
{First picture captured of that cute little smile!}
I my little boy!
Thanks for being so good on our flights! Whew!