January 23, 2016

...And Everything Else

I am so excited to finally get all of this done! I just posted the bigger events that happened during the holidays, but now I need to catch up on the smaller, day-to-day moments. There is a crap load of pictures coming your way, but the reason I put up most of the pictures I take is because if I don't when am I ever really going to go back and look at them. It also saves them for me in a place where if something happened to my phone or computer, they are backed up forever. Plus Ollie is the cutest little boy. In chronological order - here goes...
Oliver was totally into tea parties for a while...mostly he loves dumping water from one thing to the next. It was cute, but I'm glad he's over it. Things got wet.

"Do you want to go on a waAAaalkkk?!"
I took Oliver to get his haircut, for the first time. Not his first haircut, just his first professional, someoneactuallyknowswhattheyaredoing haircut.

 It was so much less painful for all parties involved.
 A different style than the usual...
 Does this face scream trouble? 
Looks are deceiving, he's harmless.

 We did some cleaning out and sold stuff in Beth's garage sale. Oliver was helpful and found lots of treasures.

 My baby Jane came to play! I think Beth had strep. Ollie LOVES Jane - and so do I.

 I made stockings. They were super time consuming and super mind blowing. I didn't go off of a pattern and made things up as I went. This is just the top of one and not completed at that. There is an adorable minky rose fabric that acts as the cuff and it's quilted and everything. I gave two to Elyce and Anita and didn't get a picture before I gave them away. I have 8 more (I just made as many as I could) but haven't put them together yet. They are so close to being done, but after I finished the two pre-Thanksgiving I didn't want to look at them ever again. Way more complicated than I ever anticipated, but hopefully they will be done by next Christmas. I have a new sewing machine and everything so no excuses.
 Ollie's favorite, Cafe Rio!

Another favorite food stop for Oliver, Matta's!

 We have been sick A LOT in the past month +. Wish I looked this cute when I was sick.
 Still sick and short of breath, I think. Also just a weirdo.

 Don't hurt yourself there, buddy.

 Sometimes they are friends and sometimes Ollie just steps on Cadbury's tail just for the heck of it.
Yesterday, Ollie and I were in the back hallway and Cadbury joined us, hoping for a treat. Ollie said, "Look mom, Cadbury wants to go outside." He opened the back door and said "Here you go little guy" and out Cadbury walked.
 Quincy comes to play every Sunday and Monday and boy oh boy does Ollie loves his cousin Quincy. I think Quin gets sick of Ollie following him around, but they get along so well most of the time.
 These guys all got baptized this past year. Jacob was the newest addition. Cute little 8 year olds!
 Over the Thanksgiving break, Jordan organized for his family to go four wheeling. Ollie was sick and stayed home with me, but he sure loved the mini riding session Jordan took him on once he was feeling better.

 Jordan sent these pics to me while I was at Disneyland with my sisters...

 Ollie is watching a movie on Jordan's phone and this is how he looked. I think it must have been bed time for Bonzo.
 Jordan lets Ollie play with his old micro machines. The car wash is the favorite.
 I took Ollie to lunch one day and captured these gems...
 I love this kid and his old man sweater that he loves.
 Ollie's other bestest friend in the whole wide world - Drakey!! If I mention to Ollie that we are going to Drakey's house he just about passes out with excitement. I can't blame him.
GQ - this is the best little church outfit...

 Taking his Christmas present from Santa for a ride!

 Quincy and Ollie put this pretty red necklace on Cadbury. I kept forgetting to take it off. It was bedtime and there was Cadbury still dressed for afternoon tea. How embarassing.
 The following picture has got to be one of the greatest bedtime pictures ever taken. Just take a moment to soak it all in.
 I especially love the "Mr. Potato Head" hat (aka-Tupperware) and how there is actual steam from his hot little head. The picture of the temple and soccerball are adorable too.
Ollie played outside while I took down Christmas lights.

 I love this little face so much.

A hairstyle by his own creation. He was super proud.

 You just never know when Ollie is gonna give Cadbury a nice little rub on the head or kick him. I guess sometimes I have the same reaction to Cadbury's shenanigans.
 Ollie saved this pic on my phone and I like it because it's the first time I've seen him use an actual color that fits what he is coloring and shows a real attempt to color one thing and not just make squiggles on the screen or paper.

Ollie is not much of an eater. It doesn't matter what it is, he won't eat a lot of it. He has zero interest in food. Take this doughnut for example. He has never eaten a whole doughnut, he just takes a few bites and he's done with it. However, he did come across one of the sprinkles on the floor of the car the next day and was super excited to eat it.
 The current obsession is hats. He has always loved hats, but I mean hats for things. Like stuffed animals or blankets or you name it. And by hat I mean, tupperware, bowls, rocks, sticks, silverware. Anything can be a hat and anything can wear a hat. Do you follow?
Meet Mr. Potato Head Humpty Dumpty Ball
There was a whole week or two where everything had to have a hat and be lined up in his bed, everyone wearing their "hats." Jordan swears he is a miniature crazy person. He only gets away with not being in the nuthouse because he's three.
 The many perches of Cadbury Rogers...
 Cue 'Rain, rain go away' song. It rained for almost a week straight. I might be exaggerating, but it rained a lot!
 Nora came to play and she whipped this out. Seriously she is so cute and if I could steal her for my own, I totally would.
 Jordan thinks I should send this picture to nuts.com so it can be on their website. Have you ever browsed the website. Elyce told me about it and I feel I now have a slight obsession with it.
 The day after I got back from Denver, we went to the grocery store and I told Ollie he could pick out one thing...
 So easily pleased. On the flipside he can turn into demon child if you look at him wrong. Lately he has been pure sunshine though. Seriously, he has been so much fun and he is constantly making us laugh.
Another playdate with Miss Janers.

One morning I told Oliver we would be going to lunch with daddy later so he could wear his comfy pants for a little bit, but when we left the house he had to put on jeans. (I can rarely get him to wear jeans.) An hour passed and I was in the bathroom getting ready. He came walking in, holding out his pants, and declared more than questioned, "Mom, I just want to wear these old frumpy pants."
 I don't know where he got the word "frumpy" or how he puts things together sometimes, but I just about died of laughing. So he got to wear his old frumpy pants to lunch...as seen in the picture above because he "calls the shots."
While we played the other morning, we were being Fix-It-Felix and Wreck-It-Ralph. We had tools and hats and Ollie wore his tool belt. Ollie put one hat on my head and called me "Fix-It-Felix Mommy." Then he said I needed the fireman hat on top so I could be "Fix-It-Felix Firefighter Mommy." He threw a third hat on top for good measure. Like Jordan said, crazy person.
 Ollie was sick again this week. I made him a comfy spot on the couch, but he had a better idea...

 I searched everywhere for this Slinky Dog toy. I mean everywhere. Then I went to rearrange things on Ollie's shelf and look who was peeking out at me.
 This kid is full of it. Seriously, he oozes personality. He is as shy as can be around anyone other than who he lives with (excluding Drake and Quincy), but even closely related family members make him skiddish. At the grocery store he will frequently say, "I don't like people." So there's that, that he comes by honestly and then there's the kid who makes us laugh until we cry. Like when he toots and we laugh at him, he says, "It was nothin.' " Or when he does his bedtime ritual and gets ready to brush his teeth. He does a slow booty shake while he says, "Shakin' my booty. Just shakin' my booty." He has started getting up earlier and earlier lately and naps are sadly a distant memory. So yesterday when I was super duper tired and he woke up earlier than ever and I told him I was going to lie in bed for a couple minutes while he wanted to go play, I thought I was going to be in big trouble when I actually fell asleep instead of getting up after a couple minutes. An hour must have passed, and I opened my bedroom door and Ollie came running down the hallway, "Mom, you're up! I made you something - hurry, come look!" He made me a Lego tower. I went into the kitchen to find out from my parents what he had been up to and thank them for watching him, but my dad said they didn't do anything other than give him a piece of bacon. Ollie played in his room the whole time as nice as can be and ate his bacon and washed his hands when he was done in the bathroom. He is growing up and has been absolute pure delight. I love being his mom and I can speak for his Dad too when I say he loves being Ollie's dad.
We love you, Boogs.