December 30, 2014


Instead of saying "Whoopsies!" Ollie says "Whoopies!" It's pretty darn cute. So that's the word that came to mind when I walked out of the house my nieces bridal shower was at and saw my car looking like this.
Thankfully, the poor girl stuck around {she was headed to the shower herself when she swerved to miss a bunny & hit my parked car} and a week later it looks just like new. Phew!
Anyway, if you believe it this post doesn't have a single picture of Oliver, my main attraction. {Okay, it might have one.} This is some of what I've been up to lately.
Pretty roses have been popping up in my parents front yard. They have the prettiest roses in the neighborhood.
I made this for Jordan one Friday when his work was having a potluck. Yum!
I fixed this 'just like new' ping pong table that somehow accidentally took a rather large tumble out of Jordan's pick-up truck just after purchase for my brother Chris' 40th birthday.
Considering what it has been through it's in pretty good shape and we will leave it at that. Sorry C & H!!
I went on a date with my mom to see Tim & Holly's kids in 'The Aristocats' & we got lunch at CPK before we made the trek out to Queen Creek. I love breaks away with my mom!
I opened up Ollie's window one morning and found this guy hanging out between the window & screen. I bargained with my dad that he could have my breakfast burrito Jordan had just brought home for me for getting rid of it quickly. Fair trade I would say.
Dad & Ben taking a break on the roof while putting up Christmas lights/ the rooftop nativity.

Jordan lending a hand.

& foot.. :)

Another beautiful rose that caught my eye.
I was helping Beth take dog pictures down in Lucy's room one evening and found this picture from our wedding day. This is you think she looks like someone I know?!

It's as if they are related or something.
This is what Lucy's room looked like covered in dog pictures. Obsessed, you think?!
I told Beth, she needed to cut Lucy's scotch tape supply off. Those pictures did not want to come off the wall. Anyway, those are the pictured things I have been doing. Not pictured...quilt making, nativity bunting making, holiday shopping and cooking/baking. Oh, and on Thanksgiving day I made 8 gallons of salsa for Beth's neighbor to sell at a boutique. I made some extra holiday cash & felt a little crazy for doing it on Thanksgiving, but I had a handy helper {ahem, Jordan} who helped me finish it all in just two hours. Woo! I am sure, I did a few other things in there, but who can remember.The holidays are already all a blur.

December 28, 2014

November Goings On

Way back in November, the weather was absolutely lovely and we spent a lot of our days outside basking in the sunshine. Ollie "helped" my dad plant flowers.
Trying on his new minion robe for the first time...
Lookin' fine!
Even passed out dead asleep in it for naptime.
Love those BIG brown eyes of his!
Ollie & I swinging under the grapefruit tree...
One morning I was getting ready for the day in the bathroom and Ollie ran in to grab me by the hand and drag me out to the family room. "Mama, look! A mess! Clean it up!"
It's not barf...just his smoothie he dropped.
A lunch date at Firehouse Subs. Oliver loves the Salt & Vinegar chippies and free fireman "haaa-aat!"
Jordan thinks this pic makes him too grown up, like he is off to his first day of school.
Aunt Heather gave Ollie some Buzz Lightyear backpacks and they were a constant fixture on his person for a few days.
Handsome little devil.
More time outside...
Flying through the air one second...
& the next...
throwing a fit for one reason or another. Gotta love that two-year old & his bipolar mood swings!
A Sunday afternoon at the park...
I love his little body in this next pic...
Off to school!...not really, but he looks ready to go with his backpack, hat, and sippy cup of smoothie. Ha!
"I go fast!"
We took Ollie to his first movie. He loved it. I was worried for the first few minutes. He was talking non-stop excitedly, but the bucket of popcorn I had on hand helped solve that problem. He was a champ the whole way through!
Some serious bed-head. It looks like he has a 'bump-it' in his hair.
He got a haircut later that more cone heads here!
Sharing Ollie's chair...
Free ride...
Chilling out watching some shows after Thanksgiving dinner. He skipped his naptime/alone time and was pooped. We caught him lounging on the courch {something he had never done before}.
We thought we would do something exciting and take Ollie to Freestone Park to play one Saturday afternoon. He looks happier than he was to be on the merry-go-round. He was not impressed.
This pic shows how he really felt about the afternoon.
& this...
& this...
Finally, a ride that got a smile out of that face!
Even riding on the train he was like "eh."
We learned our lesson!
Next time, just let him outside in the front yard, let him dig in the dirt & he is happy as a clam.
Watching Grandpa, Ben, and Dad put up Christmas lights.
Love that happy boy!
So that was a fast catch-up of pictures for our month of November. Lame. I know. I have finally figured out an easier way to get these blogs done at my parents house so hopefully I can put more effort into them and keep the memories alive! If I don't blog about it fairly quickly, I forget about it & I've got too many cute pictures that need to be shared so here's to doing better!