October 24, 2009

The Simpson's

One of Jordan's & my favorite things is watching
The Simpson's
at 10:00 every week night on Channel 6
before turning in for the night.
Have you watched this fabulous show recently?
It's been going strong for 21 years!!!
Every episode is hilarious & I recommend it to all. P.S. I know one of the reasons I think it's so funny is because Jordan makes watching anything that is even slightly funny 100% better. He's definitly got the gift of laughter & anyone who has watched a comedy with him knows exactly what I'm talking about.

October 22, 2009

Halloween Costume That Will Knock Your Socks Off

I invite you to take some time...and please, give this photograph
the attention it deserves.
I cried many tears of laughter because of this Halloween costume.
Meet Smokey the Bear Senior. He just escaped from the senior center, velcro shoes & all. He's got a lot of hard & labor intensive years under his belt, so let's cut him some slack.We found this beauty on awkwardfamilyphotos.com. Check it out.
P.S. Jordan thinks that maybe only I think this picture is hilarious. Please let me know if you disagree so I can very nicely let him know he's wrong.

Let's Have A Ball

Meet C. He loves balls!!! Obviously.So for his Birthday it only made sense to give him lots of cupcakes & lots of balls. Happy #2 C! Thanks for the fun excuse to hang out with your sweet mom & bake
some fun goodies. Love you C,
Aunt Mea Mea

October 20, 2009

Another L-O-V-E...The ZOO

I get more excited to go the Zoo than any child ever has. I put them all to shame! The Otters are my favorite! They hardly ever play in the water (& they didn't this trip), but when they do...it's the BEST!!!Bethany invited me along with Goose, Beans, & No. No was very very excited to see the "Mingos." I adore hanging out with these guys & I really adore the Zoo so this made for a Wonderful day off. Thanks for the invite, Sis. The Spring Break after we got married, Jordan surprised me with a trip to the San Diego Zoo. I was in heaven. The San Diego Zoo is BEAUTIFUL!!! I could go every day and still act more excited than anyone else there. I think Jordan knew when he married me that I was a kid at heart, but this trip definitely confirmed that fact.

Love, Love, Love, the BEACH

I was forced to leave my dearly beloved home for a few days (until he could join me at the end) & hang out at the beach with all sorts of crazy people (Big & small)!!!These cute little gals were my wave jumping pals. I remember doing this when I was young. The water was Perfect.Now this is one of the crazy people I was talking about earlier. (Note: Which sister looks like they will have skin cancer & wrinkles & which sister will not.) We had a lot of fun boogie boarding. I'm just glad I still got it. My favorite thing to do was swim out past the breaking waves and just float. One of the times we were out, we saw dolphins not too far away. The Ocean is just so therapeutic. I love it.I got to tag along to an aquarium with the Petey's and see all sorts of sea creatures. Jellyfish are my favorite to observe. However, I NEVER want to see them anywhere but behind a glass window.
I do not know what kind of sea creature this is, I only know there is no way I'm related to it.We all had a Fabulous time. Thank you Mom & Dad for making it all happen. A big thank you also to Jordan for working hard on our future while I played.
You're the best!!!I'm very glad you did eventually get there so you could go for a walk with me on the beach. When can we come back?