October 31, 2014


I made Oliver's Halloween costume this year. It was a success & I was happy with how it turned out.  Ollie loved it and looked adorbs.
Jordan is Marty McFly from Back to the Future {Obviously?} and I am dressed up as my dad. I realize no one outside of the family understood my costume, but to my family, it was all the funny/amusing things that are my dad.
Mesa Sand & Rock Hat {the family company}, Ho Ho Suspenders {he wears all Christmas season long}, his gold watch, his belt with an RS belt buckle, & his beloved Geronimo shirt.
Oliver figured out the whole 'getting free candy' thing out VERY quickly and I'm sure thought it was the greatest night of his life.
Again, me being my dad...
The day after Halloween, Ollie dressed himself and helped himself to a blue Dum-Dum. Nerd.
I love those blue lips & those crazy mismatched socks.
Happy Halloween!

October 23, 2014


My parents internet has been on the fritz so my blogging has obviously not been happening. I hate it when I don't keep up on it. It makes me crazy. So here is a post with LOADS of cute pictures of my boy. I will try to remember what we have even been up to, but my horrible memory is the major reason I have to keep up to date on the blog, so we will see how I do. Here goes...
The weather has cooled off and more and more of our days are spent playing outdoors - Ollie's favorite thing to do.
He thinks it's so funny to throw things at the camera when I'm trying to snap photos of him. This one turned out perfect. Luigi can fly!

This kid taught himself how to somersault.

Ollie has gotten good with his scooter and he loves to play with it outside.

Falling asleep in funny positions. I love checking in on this dude when he is sleeping. It's my favorite thing to do before I myself go "nigh night."

We helped Auntie Heather arrange and decorate a couple rooms one afternoon. We were chatting when I turned around to see Ollie having a nice mid-afternoon drink break. This kid is hilarious.
See the purple elevator on the right of the playhouse? When I showed Ollie it moved up and down he turned himself around and tried backing himself into it so he could go for a ride. Weirdo.

Ollie - polishing off the yummy Sweet Maui Onion kettle-cooked potato chips Elyce & Anita brought us on their way back from Maui.
A Sam's Club party with the boys...
Being a goofball...
Show me your muscles...
Cadbury wasn't a fan of this triceratops costume...
I wasn't either, so I returned it. Then we pulled out Andi's old witch costume. He looks like he likes the idea of being a witch more, but we shall see what he ends up being for Halloween.

Beth's baby Jane is scheduled to make her appearance tomorrow!!! I spray painted her crib for her. It turned out really cute. Can't wait to meet that sweet baby.
Way back in the beginning of September, was Nora's birthday. That girl LOVES cinnamon rolls {& so do I} so I was more than willing to make 'her' a batch.
Another day playing outside in Ollie's "boo-oots."
He loves playing in the dirt. These flower pots and a pile of dirt is all he needs for hours of entertainment.

Again, getting ready to throw the ball at the camera...


I love it after weeks of looking for something that's gone missing {usually a shoe, a hat, or a sippy cup} I finally find the item in a rather obvious spot. This shoe was perfectly hidden behind a chair in the living room for well over a week.

Uncle Tim came over on his sweet orange scooter. Ollie thought it was pretty cool.

See ya later!
New tenny shoes! Ollie is a fan!
Taking a nap with Bapa...like a dog or cat would do - find the most cushy spot.
Helping me in the kitchen make rolls. He used the measuring cup I had used with flour as a cup...
Ollie loves having change in his pockets. He collects coins of all varieties so he can jingle when he walks.
Seriously, this kid is handsome.

Ollie approved of Bahama Bucks shaved ice. It's one of my very favorite treats too!
'It's so cooold!'
We had to quickly take grandma a couple things she left home after going to the temple one day. Ollie liked exploring the temple grounds in his boots.

Cadbury dog.
My mom and I went to a nice dinner one night and Ollie wouldn't eat a bite of anything. We stopped by the grocery store on the way home and before I could stop him he grabbed this tomato and took a huge bite. By the time he was done with it, it looked like a bird had gotten to it. No worries, I paid for it. ;)
After seeing the pediatrician for croup, Ollie and I had a lunch date in the car. He thought it was pretty cool.
The joys of sidewalk chalk.
We have been sick for three whole weeks and are finally all on the mend, but it has been pretty miserable. There were a lot of days that looked like this...
and this...
Beth invited us to the train park during October break.
Ollie loved riding the train.
And I love that he fits right in with these cousins of his...


It doesn't get any better than that!
Well, that was a very quick and loaded update on us. I hope to not get that behind again. Especially with the holidays around the corner. It's my favorite time of year and I am so grateful to spend it with my family. Ollie is such a fun age and makes us laugh every day.