August 31, 2018

The New Routine

August has been spent getting used to our new routine. Oliver's school starts earlier than other schools so it has been a big change mostly for me, getting up at the crack of dawn to get my big boys out the door looking spiffy. Anyway, Edison and I have spent lots of time at home together. 
Uncle JJ came over and snapped this cute pic of Eddie with his hat on.
While Oliver is at school, Edison invades his big brother's room...which Ollie never allowed, but Edison insists now that his brother can't kick him out. This beloved 'Ollie chair' got relocated from the family room to Ollie's room to hide it from Sir Climbs A Lot, but he finally got big enough to just enjoy sitting in it without instantly falling off it onto his head, so he get re-introduced.
 Does anyone see Edison? I just see a chunky porcelain doll sitting in a miniature rocking chair...
 He is such a ham.
 Oliver's teacher uses an app called ClassDojo. She sends pics and updates basically every day of what the kids are up to. In this pic they are guessing what is in the containers by listening when they shake them. 
 Eddie can climb on the couch, but thankfully mostly forgets that he is capable.

 He is finally getting better at eating more solid foods. Here he is eating pizza and he thinks it's worth the extra effort.

 Jordan fixed the creak in Edison's bedroom door so now I can sneak in without waking the bear and get pics of the little darling sleeping.
 He loves putting glasses on his head. He tries so hard to keep them on. I am semi-reminded of a baby Oliver at this stage that enjoyed doing the same thing. Maybe it's being more like mom because she wears glasses??
 This is Edison's  'going to sleep' position. Pulling his hair in one hand and sucking his thumb on the other. He thinks it's funny that I think it's funny.

 This pic is out of order, but the chair got relocated to here before it made it to Ollie's room and this is why it got put in Ollie's room. It is also why I finally cleaned all the dust, dirt, and dead flies out of the window wells.

 "Kissy, kissy?!!"
 I perfectly timed this pic. Ha!

 Oliver finally talked me into getting out the bins of beanie babies. Everyone had fun.

 My lady Jane came to play!!!

 After over a year, I finally finished the hall bathroom. All it needed was paint, but that last step took forever to get motivated to do. I think because Edison finally takes big chunky 3 hour naps in the middle of the day it feels like I am capable of actually finishing projects. 
 So here it is! Totally finished and being used while our bathroom is under construction. (We had a leak and the wall is ripped apart and needs repaired. Apparently we like only having one bathroom at all times.)

 I found Troublson stuck in this spot one morning.
 It's not easy being 1.

 The classic spaghetti pictures...


 Then I found Troublson in this precarious spot another day rummaging through brothers school papers.
 Once again, he climbs. Oliver was not a climber. So I knew this one would be.
 For 2 weeks, Ollie had colors of the day at school. He wore every color except didn't have a pink shirt, but Aunt Wheece took care of that and gave him this cute pink shirt for pink day.

 She also gave him legos after five days of not crying at school because of hating eating in the cafeteria. She spoils us so.

 I can't believe August is over. September means a little cooler temperatures and holidays are around the corner. I love this time of year and am trying to contain myself and not decorate for Halloween quite yet. I got some cute pictures of the giant baby with the sign I made for Oliver when we moved in.