February 1, 2016

Mud Bath

Last week was made up of gorgeous weather. We went to the park four times and "Bapa's Wonderland" (the property on the river my dad's family owns) three times to throw rocks. Ollie was in pure heaven and I enjoyed doing something other than play Lego's, etc. The first trip down there Ollie quickly slipped in the mud. It was very amusing. He can throw rocks all day into the water and he loves going pee on "Bapa's Wonderland." He even told me he doesn't need to go to "Dumbo's Wonderland" - aka - Disneyland because he's been to "Bapa's Wonderland" instead.
 Looking north. There was so much water, I couldn't believe it.

 Looking east at Red Mountain.
 And looking west.
 After a mud bath came a real bath.
 The next day we went back and took Grandma and Grandpa. We saw a parasailer in the distance. 
 Who then landed in the far corner of the property. I wanted to go for a ride myself.
 Ollie tried to carry this rock that was as big as him up the hill so Grandpa could throw it in the water. It was quite amusing.
 Then on Saturday, we took Jordan so he could see how much fun we had been having all week. We picked up a pizza and had a little picnic among all the dirt and rocks.
We've decided we better go whenever the weather permits before it gets too hot.