January 31, 2011


Among other feelings I have at this moment, I am feeling behind.
There are so many exciting things happening in our lives right now.
Since I am behind on my blog, there are some big events, like moving to Tulsa (at least Jordan has moved to Tulsa, I am tying up loose ends in Mesa), that have not been documented.
On another day, at another time, I will catch up on these events, but for now, I will speak of the matter at the forefront of our lives. 
My sweet Grandma Perkins passed away tonight.
I have many emotions & thoughts.
In the last week, particularly the last couple of days, I have heard some wonderful stories of my grandma.
What a remarkable woman.
I don't think I will ever meet another who loves life as much as my grandma.
Things she taught by example: 
Live in the moment.
At a particularly hard time in my mom's life, she decided to pack up her things & move to Washington.  With her bags packed and the car loaded, my grandmother decided her daughter was serious.  She said, "Give me 5 minutes!  I'm coming!"
Be an advocate for your children.
When my Uncle would be getting an earful from his Father after misbehaving, his Mother would be standing behind her husband with her finger to her "Shh" shaped lips.
Be Patriotic.
Wear it, sing it, show it!
Make Lemonade.
When Grandma's back was out a few days before leaving with my family for Hawaii she declared, "I'm going!!!  Even if you have to strap me to a board and float me across the ocean!"
Never forget a birthday.
Up until the month before her stroke, Grandma was sending birthday cards to every child, child's spouse, grandchild, grand children's spouses, great-grandchildren, great-grand children's spouses, & great-great-grandchildren.  She did the same for anniversaries.
Be a Friend.
When my Aunt & Uncle first got married & had a newborn baby, they moved away from home.  Grandma wrote to her daughter every.single.day.  Diane said she would walk to the post office every day to retrieve Mother's letters.
Make quilts.
These hands...
have made hundreds of quilts. 
For each & every grandchild, and great-grandchild, and great-great-grandchild.
Never complain.
My Mom, She Never Complained
My mom, she never complained
and life wasn't roses with four kids with snot noses,
My mom, she never complained.

She worked in the maters, and worked in the taters,
and with service she gave all her life.

A mom and a friend, her smile never ends,
I know dad has got the best wife.

She tries to help all, her spirit won't stall
for she's the rock of this family.

And we love her so dear, for she brings us good cheer,
and life becomes easy you see.

For my mom, she never complained
and life wasn't roses, with four kids with snot noses,
My mom, she never complained.

She's always been there, when there's burdens to bare,
and her prayers have been felt deep inside.

And she never gives up, when times they get tough,
and her strength has helped when we've cried.

And I speak for us all, to a mom who walks tall,
May your life be happy and long.

And may your heart fill with joy, for two girls and two boys,
want each day, for you, be a song.

For my mom, she never complained,
and life wasn't roses with four kids and snot noses,
My mom, she never complained.
- - Norman W. Perkins 10/17/1983
I am comforted by knowing that right now, not too far away, there is a joyous reunion. 
 You lived a good, full, happy life.
Thank you for your incredible example!
God be with you 'til we meet again!

Sena Ruth Perkins
August 19, 1919 ~ January 31, 2011

January 25, 2011

Baby Q

Late Saturday night,
we gained another adorable nephew!
Ⓠⓤⓘⓝⓒⓨ Ⓑⓔⓝⓙⓐⓜⓘ
9 lbs. 3 oz.
This is one lucky little guy.
He has amazing parents
4 really cute, really smart, really fun older siblings
to guide him through this life.
Tim & Holly - - my offer still stands...
If you find that raising 5 kids really isn't your thing, I will happily take 1 of them with me.

January 10, 2011

39 Hours...

39 Hours.
In the truck.
With my Babe.
Not a complaint to be heard.
Not by him anyway. 
Does that mean I am better company?
That's a BIG N.O.
We started off our journey on New Year's Eve at 6 a.m. (just five days after our original plans - - funerals & weather, what more needs to be said)
Thirty minutes later we came to a screeching halt on the freeway.  Our exit...CLOSED!  Not just the exit...the entire I-17 North (or that's what we thought).
Park at a McDonald's & try to figure out new game plan.
One hour later we learn we can get on I-17 15 minutes up the road, just that portion was closed due to a semi's trailer going up in flames.
Continue on our journey.
Destination Denver, Colorado.
Arrived at  10:30 p.m.
[Drum Roll, please]
That's 16.5 hours, folks!
We were welcomed with open arms & a warm meal, so who am I to complain.
This whole trip is our anniversary present to ourselves.
Four years.

Graduation present from Elyce & Anita
Fujiyama Hibachi & Sushi
Jordan's first time eating sushi.
My first time enjoying sushi.
His favorite, Dragon Roll:
{Eel & cucumber topped with avocado & caviar}
My favorite, Chicken Tempura Roll:
{Chicken tempura, cucumber, avocado, lettuce & caviar w. mayo}
A tasty graduation present.
A must when I visit Denver - Cornzapoppin.
Cheddar popcorn.
My favorite!
Final day in the Mile High City...Denver's Science Museum.
We learned a lot.
Can you tell?
Jordan with the Minx's
One of Jordan's favorite phrases, "Like a minx!"
"Jordan, how is the truck running?"
Jordan, "Like a minx!"
"Jordan, how does the hot tub feel?"
Jordan, "Like a minx!"
[You catch my drift?]
After the museum, pinkberry
[aka - Paradise for my taste buds].
After four days in Denver Jordan says, "Three words to describe this trip?"
Me, "?"
Jordan, "Movies.  Eating.  Coughing."
Me, "Fourth...Driving."
Next stop, Las Vegas, Nevada.
12.0 hours from Denver to Vegas.
Why Vegas?
BYU Basketball game.
Gotta see little bro Stephen [aka - #21] play.
With these guys.
The Dick family, Madeline, Jenna, Aaron.
Go Stephen!
GREAT game!
BEST game I've ever watched.
ONLY game I've ever watched.
[Usually I people watch.]
This game was so INTENSE, how could I NOT watch!
The crowd = FAN.ATICAL.
BYU = WINNERS!!!  Yay!
After the game, get back in the truck.
Drive 2.0 hours back to St. George, Utah.
Total driving hours for that day
14 hours.
Another l    o    n    g day.
While in St. George we visit a lot of family
& enjoy the beautiful views.
Jordan's [extra awesome] Grandparents live up on one of the bluffs & have a bird's eye view of St. George.
Love seeing the Aunts & Uncles & cousins that all live here.
Played a lot of pool.
Jordan dominated.
Miraculously, I beat him.
Bragged about it.
To everyone.
[Even you.]
Evening before we headed for home G-ma & G-pa broke out the antique record player.
Built in 1904 & sounds absolutely amazing.
Gave Grandma a workout at the crank.
An enjoyable workout, I think.
These lovebirds waltzed to the Blue Danube.
Headed home the next morning.
It took however many hours are left to equal 39 hours total round trip.
Since our vacation is now over, we are now focused on moving ourselves to Tulsa.