January 2, 2015

Finishing Off 2014

I thought Ollie looked so cute on the floor coloring so I got a shot of it.
Then I wanted to get a front view shot and by the time I got in position Oliver sat up. I said, "No, Ollie lay down and color." He did as he was told like a good little boy...
He layed down and colored. More literally than I had in mind.
We kissed the last of the absolutely lovely weather good-bye and
said hello to chilly weather. {Meaning, Ollie needs a light jacket to go outside and pants, not shorts.}
We took Ollie to a neighbors house to see their train sets.

He got to meet Mickey Mouse!!!
And Santa got...
A BIG FAT smooch!
It was kind of chilly so he warmed up in a bubbly bath.
Ollie has become a professional driver. He can finally drive his Jeep!
{Don't get in his way. He WILL run over you.}
One afternoon, I took him next door to play in the Clarks' sandbox. He screamed when we left. Which meant he had too good of a time.
Photo shoot at Aunt Beth's!
My favorite...
Also a professional tricycle rider...
The Shill Family nativity. Ollie was a lowing cow.
The best pic I got. Beth probably has better ones.
Finally, feasting on some of Grandma Rogers' granola. Yum! Oh, and wearing a hat. Not a bowl, a hat. Don't tell him otherwise. You'll wish you hadn't.
It's official! I'm caught up! Hallelujah!

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We are excited to see what 2015 has in store for us!
Unfortunately, Ollie rung in the new year with bronchitis. Boo! We've got him some meds & hopefully he will have a clean bill of health soon.
 The meds won't fix the crazy though...
P.S. Ollie dressed himself. In case you thought I went crazy too.