August 21, 2017

7 Weeks and Getting Big, Fast

The last 7 weeks have flown by, and dragged all at the same time. Amazing how that happens.
This was in the hospital, Oliver was a proud big brother.
 Oliver had a fun Fourth of July with Beth's fam.

 They also went to the Arizona Science Museum while I was in the hospital.

 While waiting for visitors, I captured these two being curious together.
 New, fresh Edison. He has already changed SO much!
 That hair is amazing. It's growing in blonde.
 Grandma left presents for Oliver to entertain while he was stuck at home for days and days with baby and I. These mustaches were a hit.
 I took this on Grandpa's 76th birthday, so Edison was 9 days old.
 We celebrated a very low key #5 birthday on the 17th for our Oliver.

 Being busy with Edison, Oliver has grown up and started dressing himself morning and night. Which translates to he wears the exact same shirt - as soon as it is clean - and shorts as much as he can. He also loves mixing up his jammies, as shown below.
 Edison looks a lot like Oliver, but instead of looking more like me (like Ollie) Edison looks more like Jordan. Look at those smiley daddy eyes!
 I should flip this pic, but time is in short demand these days.

 This pic is of Oliver. Bald, but add hair and you've got Edison!

 His hair is getting long!
 Kane LOVES babies and would hold him forever if his sister didn't want to hold him forever as well.
 Aimee entertained Ollie one day, and then invited us over for homemade pizza. There was a crazy rainstorm and after the rain a completely full double rainbow. I couldn't even get it in one pic.

 Nothing like a sleeping baby!

 These two are so good together. We love Janer!
 Seriously chunking up!

 We ditched Eddie with Grandma for a couple hours to get some shopping done and grab lunch together. We needed some time together. Ollie said it was the best day ever. 
 The morning of Edison's one month check-up which was actually done at 6 weeks along with Oliver's 5 year check-up.
Edison - 
Weight - 11 pounds 4 ounces {63%}
Length - 22.25 inches {58%}
Head 15 {54%}
 For a kid who weighed 6 pound 1 ounce at birth {10%} - he has hulked up quickly. He is way bigger than Oliver was at his age.

Oliver -
Weight - 42.8 pounds {61%}
Height - 43.75 inches {65%}
 Just check out the difference a month makes. Look at the binkie and the size of his face in this pic...
...and in this from when he was a newbie...
 I love ridiculous little outfits on babies!
 "Hat hair - Don't care!"
 Today we are taking it easy, which is all we do, but even extra easy because this guy has a stinkin' fever. Boo!

 Fresh and clean after a bath makes this baby even more kissable and squishy!
 And to finish, two of my favorites from the sheep outfit photo shoot...

Last night I looked up how Oliver was sleeping at this point and I am sad to say Edison isn't even close to the champion sleeper Oliver was. Oliver would sleep for 6 hours, eat and then sleep 4 more. Edison stays up til midnight {no matter how hard I try to break this habit, it always ends in frustration}, sleeps maybe 4 hours and then not quite 3 hours. We can do better buddy, we can do better! Please! Let's do better! :)