August 28, 2013

At the Car Wash

Jordan thought it would be fun to go to the CAR WASH together. {I know, we are buckets of fun.} We both thought Ollie would like it.
"Hmm...something is happening...
 Better look around to check things out...
 ...Uh, Mom???
 Things are NOT okay, MOM!!
 I'm gonna die, 
 I am DEFINITELY going to die!
 Is it over?! Am I ALIVE?!?
 Good thing I kept my cool back there...
 Nope! Still too soon."
I think we have a bit of a scaredy pants on our hands.  Sorry you didn't like the car wash, Ollie.
Oh, and sorry I took pictures of you the whole time instead of being concerned that you were pooping your pants, so to speak.

August 26, 2013

Buzz Takes a Stroll

It must have been the Buzz onesie because I have been trying to get a good video of Oliver walking for about a week now. I just got him dressed in this Buzz Lightyear outfit for the first time and he is walking all over the place now.
I can't believe my baby is walking! While he is perfectly capable of walking on his own, his VERY favorite is to hold onto my finger while we make laps & laps around the house. So fun! {Not really.}
Ollie walking is the most exciting thing going on around here, but here are some other things we have been up to in the last week.
Ollie always makes sure Cadbury gets something to eat at meal times. Cadbury watches intensely for scraps.
 Their favorite snack is fishies.
{I think Ollie has a grumpy face because Cadbury got a fishie from his fingers before Ollie wanted to give it up...Ollie LOVES teasing Cadbury by holding onto the fishie so Cadbury can only lick it. Then Cadbury nibbles ever so gently to get little bites. EVERY. MEAL. PEOPLE.}
These two entertain each other. There are lots of kisses. 
Cadbury knows I don't like this, but Oliver insists by putting his head as close to Cadbury's mouth as possible. Erg.
After all those kisses from Cadbury, it's time for a bath!
Jordan traveled a little bit last week, so I was forced to take these two on a walk by myself...not fun.
Needless to say, it was a short walk.
Cadbury might love Oliver and he tolerates me, but there is only one who holds his truest affection.
"Reunited and it feels so good..."
What a precious stuffed animal!!!
"I've been caught!" 
Every week brings something new with this little man. He keeps things exciting around here!

August 18, 2013

Smooshy Face

Last night, Jordan & I were trying {keyword} to eat dinner, but Oliver was making that difficult.

 "Whatcha guys doin'!"

He knew he was making his Mom & Dad laugh so he kept at it.  When he was playing nicely, he made this nice stack of blocks in his dump truck.
I love how he stuffs it full to the brim.
Ollie was dressed to impress for church this morning & I meant to get a better picture, but never got around to it. It was too cute not to document, crappy picture and all... 
my little Stud Muffin!

August 16, 2013

Tree Trimmers

Bright & Early the other morning, we had exciting things to watch in our backyard.  We had a couple unruly trees which needed trimming.
These trees are as old as the house {60 years old!} & thus, require professionals.
Sadly, this tree has been uprooted by storms and leans completely on the fence. There was no way to save it, so they took it down.  :(
 Into the wood chipper it goes!
 The pecan tree had several large branches growing over our power lines, so they left it nice and trimmed & left us with some pecan wood!

It was very exciting for all of us to watch.  Ollie kept waving at the guys. Later that night, Jordan & I went mushroom picking in our backyard.  We have been getting a lot of rain and these mushrooms pop up within hours of not existing. It's crazy.  This bag is completely full of them.
All this yard work inspired me to finally paint the front door {something I have wanted to do since we moved in 1.5 years ago}. 
{Before - plain ol' white}
Now, I need a new wreath to complete the project.
And a post isn't a post until there are pictures of Oliver...this was bath time the other night.

 Love that sweet boy!
By the way, did you know this 13-month old is close to walking? He is taking 1-2 steps between furniture. 
Where has the last year gone!?!

August 12, 2013

Since We've Been Home

We have kept busy since being back from Arizona.

First, we had a big shopping trip to refill the house with necessities after being gone so long.  Ollie {and Jordan} had fun with the left over 'wipes' box after a trip to Sam's Club.

Ollie played in his jumperoo one afternoon while I picked up our storm-trashed backyard.
I made spaghetti for dinner one night & Ollie enjoyed the leftovers for lunch the next day.  :)

For some nice family time on a Monday evening, we took ourselves to Firehouse Subs { good}

& we took Ollie to TOYS "R" US.
{Jordan is dying to buy Ollie this Jeep - - dreamer.}
We have all enjoyed getting to actually look at each other in the car after turning Ollie's car seat around!
Then on a Sunday afternoon, out of desperation to entertain the little guy, we took him to Guthrie Green to play in the splash pad there. He was {and is} cautious and just observed for a while.

Until he determined it would be safe to join in on the fun!

He is so brave! ;)
Tuckered out after a BIG day!
Ollie wasn't the only one...
I the pear-shaped body.
Ollie got a digital frame from Aunt Elyce for his birthday. The kid LOVES to look at pictures of himself!
The last few days, Ollie has been G-R-U-M-P-Y!!!

The only thing {or song, rather} that gets him out of his bad mood..."My Hands."
Ollie LOVES this song. He makes all kinds of facial expressions during his favorite parts {"I will raise them way up high and let my fingers fly, fly, fly. Then clap, clap, clap and one, two, three - Just see how quiet they can be."}

True Story:  The last two pics were taken minutes after the two pics of him being a grump-a-lump. Just insert a wardrobe change, being placed in his high-chair and singing THE song.
We did some fun things that unfortunately, weren't pictured...
*Cadbury got to go to Biscuit Acres {the dog park}, while Ollie watched the ducks.
*On another Sunday, we walked along the Arkansas River which has a really nice flow to it with all the rain we've gotten.
*Ollie & I went to lunch with friends.
*My Aunt Kathy & Cousin Lindsay came over for lunch {on a Sunday} and we enjoyed visiting with them. Cadbury enjoyed showing off his tricks to them. Their favorite was this particular trick...
*I have NOT enjoyed declaring war on sugar ants that insist on ruining my life. I have caulked everything caulkable in the kitchen & they still grace me with their presence. Ahhhh!
That's what's been going on around here..."Let's see what's going on in your neck of the woods." - Al Roker
No, but really, my mind is drawing blanks now, so Peace!