March 28, 2013

An Eventful Birthday

the good news is Jordan did not have to work on his 28th birthday.
The bad news...
At 9:21 a.m. I was on my way to take Ollie to the doctor. He had a really nasty sounding cough that I wanted checked out. At 9:21 a.m. Jordan had just arrived at work & received a very frantic phone call from me. Thankfully we are alright, no worries. Cars can be replaced, Ollie & I, not so much. What happened was this...See that red truck in the back of the picture??? Imagine that as me with another car next to me, we are the first cars in line waiting at a red light. Our light turned green & we proceeded into the intersection. A car going perpendicular to us (imagine the car coming towards you from underneath the freeway overpass) ran a red light and hit me first (in the left lane), pushing my car into the car next to me (in the right lane). The car that hit us was red, just to let you know how fast this happened, I NEVER even saw red. I couldn't even tell you what color the car was that hit us until I saw it parked in the parking lot my poor wrecked car is sitting in the pic above. Anyway, everyone is okay & I am so, so grateful for everyone who immediately surrounded us. Two ladies came and let Ollie sit in their warm car while we waiting for the ambulance to get there. An off-duty fireman helped us and directed us. His wife, wrapped Ollie up in blankets to keep warm. Jordan arrived quickly to be our support & comfort. My sweet, sweet neighbor came from work & was able to drive Ollie & Jordan home while I stayed to finish up details. She left me with the scarf, coat, & mittens off her own back. The man in the car that was next to me was very friendly & we realized we lived in the same neighborhood (which is half a mile from our accident, we both didn't get too far from home). My friend from church was close by when I called to ask for a ride home & willingly dropped what she was doing to rush to my aid. Jordan took the day off & spent his birthday taking care of us. Oh, how grateful I am for the husband I have. He takes good care of us. Anyway, other than a sore neck & a small bump on my head (I must have hit my window), I am feeling just fine. As for Ollie, I have no idea how he is feeling other than instinct, but my instinct told me from the moment it happened that he is just fine. I am so, so grateful for the awesome car seat my mother-in-law purchased for us just about 1 week ago. It had a very short lifespan, but I know exactly which car seat I will be purchasing again. (This one for any of you moms out there who want the best, most awesome car seat money can buy...)
Graco Headwise 70 Convertible Car Seat with Safety Surround
We spent the rest of the day relaxing, enjoying the nice weather by going on a long walk, ordered our favorite pizza, 
watched LIFE OF PI
Life of Pi 3D
ate my VERY favorite ice cream 
& went to bed.
Happy Birthday, Jordan! 
We love you to pieces! Sorry you had to spend your day taking care of us, but we love you for it!

March 20, 2013

Fun Company

Jordan's Mom came for a visit! 
Ollie loved playing with someone other than me all day.

And I loved sleeping in, getting naps, & having adult company!!!
We all loved the nicer weather & going for  l   o   n   g  walks.

And eating at all of our favorite places.
{Pecan Porch for lunch one day.}
Cadbury loved his sleeping buddy...
We enjoyed going to the Oklahoma Aquarium...
This cute little yellow fish had smoochy lips. Awesome. Also, check out the cheeks on that baby!!!
 Eels are gross.

 Under the shark exhibit.

I think everyone agreed the beavers and the otter were the favorite critters.
Bath time!
Soaped up!
 ALWAYS blowing raspberries! ALWAYS!
 That is one BIG ROUND HEAD.
 While she was here, Spring arrived!!!

It was great having her here. We got to keep her a few extra days thanks to Spring Break & return flights looking bad. Please come back soon! & anyone else out there...come visit!

March 18, 2013

Eight Months

We were able to make a visit to  Arizona  recently. While there, my sister took pictures of Oliver. Here are some of the favorites...

This handsome little man is weighing in at 19 lb. 5 oz. He ♥LOVES rolling around, sitting up, sleeping with his booty in the air, jumping in his jumperoo, being outside, all things Cadbury, takes 2, 2 hour naps {sometimes almost 3 hours}, eats like he is gonna grow a foot each day, has a temper when baths are over, LOVES everybody {lets anyone hold him}, grew out of his baby car seat and moved into a big boy car seat {his exceptionally broad shoulders + our narrow at the shoulders car seat was a tight squeeze}, has NO teeth, sleeps from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., & is an absolute delight to his Papa and me!

We LOVE you Ollie!