June 13, 2012

King of the Castle

We have a King of the Castle in this house.
His name is Cadbury.
His reign has been great, but alas, all good things must come to an end.
Soon {6 very short weeks}, he will no longer rule this house, but another will take his place.
So in honor of King Cadbury, I thought I would dedicate this post to

His Royal Highness.
The first time we saw the little guy was when this picture was taken...
we {more Jordan than me, I was a little reluctant because I know how attached I get to dogs} wanted to take him home this very day, but had to wait 2 weeks because he was a stray and the shelter wanted to make certain his owners weren't looking for him. He was 4 months old and as cute as can be, how could someone not go searching for him?!?  I am glad they didn't.
Jordan works up close by the shelter so on the day we could bring him home, he went and picked him up while I anxiously waited at home.
Together at home for the first time...
Can you tell I am so excited? :)
We had bought a kennel and were planning on him sleeping there. I think he even did the first night. The second night we put him in his kennel and since he came home from the shelter with Kennel Cough, putting him in there upset him and it was the most horribly sad sound of him coughing that Jordan and I just couldn't take. So we let him sleep with us.  From then on, he slept in our bed.
{No worries, I am a neat-freak and he gets bathed once a week...that is an improvement on my part because I used to bathe him every 2 or 3 days.}

That is up until about this last week, when I created him his

own ‘King Size’ dog bed...he hasn't complained.
Anyway, I love looking back at his puppy pictures. He was so squatty

and plump
and his paws were about as BIG as his head.
Cadbury stats:
♦ 32 pounds of pure muscle
Loves to chase and bark at bunnies, squirrels, and birds {*Bunnies are his favorite}
Loves to play fetch with his rubber ball or assortment of chew ropes
♦ He can sit, roll over, play dead, speak, shake, and stand on command
♦ He is obsessed with socks. Not to chew on just to carry around and put his head on. {You know, like a blankie.}
Loves other people and other dogs. He is very social.
♦ His favorite fruits are apples and bananas. His favorite vegetable is snap peas. His favorite snack is left-over cereal milk. Oh, and his favorite dog treat is Beggin' Strips. {He really hasn't met a food he doesn't like.}
♦ His favorite person in the whole wide world is Jordan
♦ He would make quite the soccer player...check out this video.
Cadbury can definitely be troublesome as you have seen in the past...
or as you can see here...
{I guess the video doesn't make him look like he is troublesome...it was once the camera was off and Jordan left for work that I found the same roach in my house. I guess Cadbury just wanted someone to play with. I had to tell him we aren't friends with roaches and we DEFINITELY do not bring them in the house.}
but he keeps us busy, makes us laugh, and loves us unconditionally.
I hope you have enjoyed our undivided attention - -
Party is over dude. Enjoy your last 6 weeks as an only child.