May 27, 2016

A New Chapter

We bought a house! 
It was pure craziness for 2 months, but we've settled in and are {mostly} loving homeowner life. I will update more when I have more time - if I ever have more time. Just kidding.
The short of it has been a fixer upper and without the help of willing & generous family we would be a sorry lot wallowing in do-it-yourself muck. It has come a long way in really a short amount of time, so for that I am super grateful. I will post more pics once I have a few more projects off my mind.

Super unplanned family picture taken by my sister - May 2016.

May 26, 2016

Easter 2016

We've had a busy past few months and I just noticed all these Easter pictures I had uploaded and just needed to compose text to go with them. That never happened and now I can't even remember Easter. It feels like a different lifetime ago (more on that in the next post), but I will do my best.
Ollie's Easter basket...
I found great Sunday ties and and the kid loves Silly Putty + The Lego Movie so Whala - Easter basket! I guess Cadbury was a fan too.
Jordan grew up finding his Easter basket so we hid Ollie's and it was fun.

Easter Sunday - new tie & super cheesy.

I love this kid. He is the best.

Easter egg hunt!

He figured out the egg hunt this year. Last year as soon as he realized there was candy inside the eggs he would find an egg, eat the candy and move along in that fashion. This year he knew to find, find, find and then eat, eat, eat.

 Easter fell on Jordan's birthday (which I completely forgot about until I came to this picture), so we sang to the lucky guy and had some cake.

 It was a great day and the start of pure craziness...