September 30, 2013

America's Funniest Home Videos

One afternoon, we were coming home from a nice walk when we ran into our neighbors coming home from work. We got to chatting, and then we started talking about the swing he had just installed for their little girl {3 months younger than Oliver}. She, apparently, is terrified of the swing, but Ollie enjoyed himself. He was smiling from ear to ear, so Jordan decided to get a video...
A classic America's Funniest Home Videos video. Our families grew up watching AFV and I think it is worthy of being sent in, but being on the blog will have to do.
Here is the video Jordan meant to get the first time around.
Thanks Brent & Briana for sharing the swing with us! Jordan ended up getting a swing of his own, but due to the lack of horizontal branches in our backyard, it is kind of a crazy swing {not nearly as nice and smooth of a ride as Brent's}. It is lopsided, crooked, and skewed. See for yourself...
BUT, Ollie loves it just the same.  :)

September 9, 2013

Mr. Potato Head's Missing Ear

Ollie LOVES clutching things in his little hands. So when he discovered Mr. Potato Head's ears he and them have been inseparable. The last couple of days one of the ears had gone missing {again}, but this time I could not for the life of me locate it. I looked EVERYWHERE!!! I try not to get too crazy, but let's be honest, I get a little crazy when I know something is missing. I have inherited this trait from my mother. She used to promise us a dollar if we found her missing items. I was usually the child to cash in because I was the only one that cared enough about finding the darn thing(s). To this day, she still calls me to ask if I have any idea where {insert missing item} is??? {I live in TULSA Mom!!!} Anyway, after looking everywhere last night for Mr. Potato Head's ear, I gave up and said to myself, "It will turn up." So when I got a text from Jordan this morning I about died of laughter {and relief} after reading it:
"I kept feeling something in my shoe..."
I'll give you a dollar when you get home, Jordan.  :)
Last night, we braved the heat {it has been 100 degrees for the last week - - What the heck, September!} and went on a long, hot walk. Ollie was clutching a pair of my socks all day {instead of Mr. Potato Head's ears} and I let him bring them on our walk. All week, he has been complaining while on our walks but the socks were the cure and the little booger almost even fell asleep - he opened his eyes when I made Jordan stop the stroller for the pic.
I think I will donate that pair of socks to a worthy cause and give them to Oliver.
So my favorite trees in our neighborhood are these ones...
 {These two pics aren't very good because a certain white dog kept tugging on me.}
{These two pics were taken last Spring better showcase the trees.}

And I am trying to figure out what kind of tree they are - - Mom??? They are all the same type of tree {just different seasons pictured}. White, mosaic-like bark & insanely tall??? Your help is appreciated.
I guess all that tugging wore Cadbury out...
{The air vent is directly below him, blowing on his face.}

September 4, 2013

A Trip to Brahm's

In Tulsa, they do not have Dairy Queen {ONE, count them, ONE just opened up, but we have lived here for almost three years with NO Blizzards}.
- - BUT, we do have BRAUM'S.
BRAUM'S has some amazing ice cream and they are about as common here as McDonald's. {Probably more if I really think about it.} Anyway, anytime someone comes to visit we take them to BRAUM'S  Not only is it super delish - - but it is as cheap as it gets! I think it is like a dollar and some change for a HUGE scoop of ice cream IN a waffle cone. So we made a trip last night - - and I think the little man in the back seat enjoyed his laps of German Chocolate ice cream. {My moms VERY favorite. We may or may not eat it almost every night when she is in town. ;) }
{Take a look at those beefy legs!}
Thanks BRAUM'S for filling our ice cream needs...for they be plenty!

September 3, 2013

Mo Swingy

When my niece Lucy was just a little tyke she LOVED being pushed in the swing by Grandpa {anyone, for that matter} & she would yell, "Mo swingy! Mo swingy!"
Last night, we took Ollie to the park to swing. I think he was pleased.

Oh, man - I think I have the CUTEST baby boy in the world! Last weekend, I gave Ollie my very first haircut {not his first haircut, MY first haircut}. I think I did a pretty good job and he was quite pleasant throughout the experience so I think we are in business. 
{It's hard to see those fine blondie hairs, but this was the post-haircut pic. You can see it better in the swing pics.}
AND last night, I caught these two being ridiculous...

Seriously, they are SO in love with each other. I am constantly rolling my eyes at this morning I found him making himself comfortable on the couch.
Oh, brother!