May 3, 2018

April 2018

April was a busy month. Edison learned to crawl and that has kept me busy.

He takes longer naps, which is a much needed break for my mental health.
He wears clothes Oliver wore when he was two. This is Daddy's kimono Great Grandma and Grandpa Rogers brought baby Jordan when they came home from their mission there in the 80's.

We will have to put it back on him in a year, hopefully it will show off his beefy legs better when he can stand.
He loves to eat pureed baby food, but has yet to eat any sort of solids. I give him a puff or a yogurt melt and he immediately gags and throws up.

He still has just the two bottom teeth, but the top two should pop through any day now.

I keep these two apart, but Cad sneaks a kiss in when he can.

One morning, Jordan forgot his wedding ring in the bathroom. Oliver woke me up and said, "Mom! Dad forgot his ring and he is gonna forget he is married!" Haha, he wishes he could forget.

Nowhere is safe to this cute little terror.

Oliver's magic trick...he made that doughnut completely disappear.
Speaking of getting everywhere...Edison fought a jug of apple juice and lost...
Jane introduced Oliver to The Greatest Showman.
Afterward, they played house. Jane was the mommy and Oliver was the baby. He was really into his roll. He is taking a nap and even went to the doctor {me} for a check-up.
On Tuesdays we eat tacos for lunch with Jane, Beth, Grandma, Oliver, Edison, and myself. Here is Eddie chowing down on Aunt Beth's bracelet for entertainment.

Trouble. He learned to crawl and the next day he was pulling himself up to EVERYTHING.

I ditched my life as a wife and mom and visited Elyce & Anita in Denver last weekend. Jordan never complained and said he enjoyed blocking out the time to just hang with the boys. Good man! Oliver put snoopy to sleep and gave him blue blankie and goofy to comfort him.
Where is this child's mother! Looks like dad was in charge for sure!

He stole my spot in bed.
That chunky baby is on the loose and nothing is safe!
I stocked the fridge with all sorts of 'man-food.' Oliver likes steak and it was nice of his daddy to share.
Meanwhile, I ate like a queen and sure do love me some Wahoo's fish tacos.
I spent my weekend escape putting together this 2,000 piece beast. Exciting huh?! It's what I choose to do with my free time and I like it.
Since school was unexpectedly out for these kids {teacher strike} and their mothers ditched them, grandma and grandpa had lots of company.
I came home bearing gifts. Thanks for the cool shirts!
It was lucky I came home, cause we woke up the next morning with sick little boys. Yay!

He managed a few smiles, but sure sucked on that thumb a lot while he was sicky.

"Is today over yet?!"
I took out a poopy diaper and was gone 3 seconds. When I looked behind the curtain look who I found rummaging the pantry. I wish we had doors on the normal people, but who can afford such luxuries. {Ha!}
We are now into May and with it being May 3, that means this little trouble-maker is now 10 months old. He wears me out and seems to be much more into things than his brother {or maybe I've just forgotten}, but I still love him.