March 8, 2012

Moved In

Every box has been unpacked and pretty much everything is in its rightful place.
The dust has settled.  My new (new to me, old to the house) hardwood floors have been cleaned on numerous occasions of this settled dust. My swollen feet have returned to what I fear is their new normal size. AND life is going on.  I finally have a moment to post some pictures of the house.
{Thanks to my mother-in-law for all the pictures...or this would not be happening today.}
Our new home...
Our new[ly mowed] backyard...
Cadbury proofed!
Cadbury loves his new freedom.
Puppy LOVE!
These 2 play together until they both drop.
The family room...
Half of the kitchen...
{Thanks Daddy-O for making 9 of these white shelves. The other 8 are on the opposite wall, which is not pictured.}
And my favorite area of the house is this little eating nook...
which required a grout/tile cleaning party.
Thank you to my more than willing slaves.
I seriously could NOT have done it without you!
If you want to see the three bedrooms and bathroom, you will just have to come visit us.