October 31, 2012

First Halloween

 I have seen a lot of cute puppy dogs in my time,
BUT never one as cute as this...
Happy Halloween!

October 22, 2012

Three Months

Time flies when you are having this much fun!
I am enjoying {most} every minute of my cute Oliver.
He sleeps more & more every night - which is an AMAZING amount!
One 11 hour night {the night after our flight home from Denver} & his average right now is 9 hours. That all makes for a very happy Mommy!
He is getting so much personality & is even more fun with every passing day. His newest development is making lots of sounds. 
He & Cadbury are becoming buddies. I have yet to get a pic of the brotherly love.
{On this occasion, I got the camera out & would lean Oliver against Cadbury & Cadbury would get up & move 2 feet & plop back down. We repeated that several times before I gave up. Somebody, or some dog, rather, wanted the camera time to himself.}
We found a costume for the little boy to wear & I will show off that photo shoot in another post.
In unrelated news, Jordan found this beauty hanging out in our backyard the other day.
 The weather has been lovely. We are enjoying the cool breezes with just the right amount of warm sunshine.
That's it for now!
- - With Love From Tulsa

October 19, 2012

Oliver Visits Denver

The little Mister & I got to go to Denver last week.  The flight to Denver could not have gone smoother. Everyone commented at the end of the flight what a perfect little traveler I have.
Oliver enjoyed all the extra attention,
& slept like a champ - - 8 hours each night!
{Food Coma}
He even did well, with all the 'Get up & Go.' AKA:  All the Antique Shopping...
once these guys arrived for some fun!
Grandpa entertained Oliver & I when we got bored of all the antique malls.
Oliver gave lots of cute smiles...we couldn't get enough.
Do you notice somebody likes his monkey friend...
{A Private Moment}
[Thanks Auntie Beth for the Monkey.]
I wish the flight home was as smooth as his three previous flights, but alas, it was not. The worst part about it included Oliver's first poopy blow out, preceded by him & I in an airplane laboratory for clean-up duty. We were definitely excited to get home & see Jordan & Cadbury.
Ollie misses his adoring fans though...
Love my family! ♥ ♥ ♥

October 1, 2012

Two Months

We have been busy enjoying the cooler weather. We have been getting out more & more as we figure out how the little babe operates.
His "little buddies," as we call them, come with us wherever we go.  On Saturday night, Jordan, Oliver & I went out for sushi. Oliver got to dress up for the occasion...his first pair of jeans & the first time I made him wear shoes.
At the end of each day, Oliver enjoys his baths.
 He just hates getting OUT of the bath/sink.
He also hates that mom put him in this embarrassing robe...
He much prefers his towel.
We are loving this cute guy to pieces!
I am enjoying his new sleeping habits. He sleeps 6 hours, gets fed, then sleeps 4 more hours.
Go Ollie!
We are all loving the new swing Daddy bought us!
As my mom said, "It's the Cadillac of swings."
It does everything, but change his diapers. ;)
Oliver just stares & stares at the mirror hanging above him. 
At his 2 month check-up, Ollie weighed in at 11 pounds 14 ounces & grew an inch, 21.5 inches {a little short, which is kind of a surprise}.
My newborn baby is growing up!