May 23, 2013

Close to Home

It is wild that we live 1.5 hours away from Moore, OK and while they experienced total devastation from a chart-topping tornado on May 20, Tulsa didn't receive hardly even a raindrop.  Let me point out that Tulsa lies directly northeast of Moore/Oklahoma City and tornadoes here move in that exact direction. 
What happens is storms always look huge & scary southwest of us, then miraculously they lose steam right as they approach Tulsa AND go right around us. It is crazy. I know there are quite a few "legends" as to why this happens. Whatever the reason, I am SO Grateful!
Sidenote:  We actually just recently drove through Moore on our way to look at our new car {we purchased it in OKC}. To get to Rudy's {where we had lunch} we drove the part of the I-35 South that was damaged.
Our thoughts & prayers are going to those affected by the tornadoes. Today, I had another chiropractor visit. The front office girls are so wonderful and they always watch Ollie during my appointments. I noticed before my appointment on their facebook page that they were going to be headed to Moore with some supplies and if patients wanted to drop off wipes, diapers, gloves, water, or small hand tools they would take them. Ollie wanted to help so we brought what we could.  A few minutes ago I noticed this picture on their facebook page...
"Thanks sweet Oliver for helping the children in Moore!! From one baby to another :)"
It made me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too. And we especially hope it helps the victims.
Have you seen this video?...
It warms my .

May 22, 2013


At 10 months old, we finally have some brand new teeth that have begun to emerge from that gummy smile!
Look closely...
Ollie is VERY excited about it!
I don't want to jinx myself, but instead of sleeping worse {due to teething} he has been sleeping in until 9 a.m
This morning he even woke up at 9:20! I am one lucky mama!
It has been super nice because this mama has had a cold. :(
So we have been doing a lot of relaxing around the house. 
Cadbury has been gloomy due to the weather. 
Being stuck indoors is not something this dog enjoys. We pass the time though. ;)
And in iPhone picture randomness...Ollie's cowlicks!
They are perfectly center on his BIG round head & go in opposite directions. Aren't they perfect/precious!?!
We LOVE this cute little puppy dog!

May 17, 2013

Ten Months

We have reached the double digits people! 

What happened to my 6 lb. 7 oz. baby?!?
This boy is into everything! He loves climbing into tight spots... much as he loves to be rescued when things don't work out.
He also loves getting into his high chair at meal times. NOT! He gets over it quickly though & enjoys making a mess of his breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Ollie doesn't watch t.v. {thank goodness for that}, but the one exception to the rule is Spongebob {seen 'Photo Bombing' this pic}.
Ollie LOVES the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. He drops whatever he is doing, crawls quick like a bunny rabbit over to the t.v. and watches. As soon as it is over (the theme song that is) he continues along his merry way. Observe...
 Craning his neck to get a good view...

and then continues playing with a smile on his face as soon as it's over.
This kid 
also loves Cadbury. 
Together they are mischief.

A lot of raspberries {not the fruit} are blown around here by this little cutie.
He believes his crib is no longer for sleeping, but made for standing.

Oliver is very social. He loves to be around others & loves to go with mom to her chiropractor visits {dang car accident} to hang out with all the front office girls.  
They love him equally, so everyone is happy {especially mom who gets massages twice a week!!}.  They posted this photo on their facebook page. {see here}
Ollie likes to look at pictures of himself. Here he is going through pictures on dad's iPhone...
We get it Ollie, we like to look at pictures of you too!

Now quit growing up so fast!

May 10, 2013

Shopping With Ollie

Last weekend we had planned on purchasing plants & getting things planted. After all, it is MAY!!! We have been busy & this was finally the weekend we were going to get to it. Well, to our surprise, it was FREEZING all weekend. Ollie bundled up for the trip to Lowe's.
He didn't complain, but I sure did! Needless to say, Jordan got the plants planted without me & Ollie's help. The other day, Ollie & I got out & went to our favorite get out of the house spot...Target!  This octopus made it home with us because it was just too cute to pass up.
Now we just have to convince Cadbury it is not his.
Ollie is such a good little shopping buddy. I don't think he has ever complained when out & about. We scored us a winner.
By the way, somehow I forgot about the 'standing' phase of a child's growth. I expected, after crawling, I had until about 12 months old before I had to worry about walking. Well, in between there is standing. Duh, right?
I cringe every time he wobbles & I know it is just a matter of time until he catches himself on his face. :(

May 7, 2013

Standing Up

Alright, this little boy of ours is growing TOO fast! I gasped this morning when I saw the little guy STANDING in his crib.
Time to lower the mattress, again. I think he was quite pleased with himself.
I was quite pleased with myself yesterday when snapping pics of Ollie with a new hair piece. ;)

May 2, 2013

A New Member of the Family

Well, it was so not easy {that's an understatement}, but we have a new member of the family...
Jordan might love this car more than life itself {I might be over-exaggerating, but only slightly}.
It has been such a stressful week, & there were more than a few tears shed, but thankfully everything ended up working out {like it always does}. Thank you to our families who listened to our problems & helped come up with solutions!!! We love you!  Speaking of...I just got pictures from the family get-together we had in  Arizona a few weeks ago.  This was the first time in 17 years my entire family {meaning siblings} have all been together.
ALL 10 of us!
{Tim, Megan, Elyce, Boyd, Shawna, Chris, Beth, Ben, with Mom & Dad in front}
The Whole Fam{Dam}ly
{minus a few important peeps like JORDAN!}
Getting back to the new car...we are going to christen it with an outing to Pecan Porch {one of our very favorite lunch hot spots}.