October 7, 2016

On the Mend

Oliver had fevers on and off the week following our emergency room visit, but zero other symptoms. We hung out at home, watched movies, made banana bread, and played games.

During the fevers he would lay on the couch under a pile of blankets for a few minutes until medicine kicked in and he got warmed up, then he was out and about acting his happy normal self.
We were so glad the little guy was feeling better in time for the weekend because we had fun things planned. We drove to Temecula to see Jenni and her family.
 Their community pool on a beautiful evening...
Ollie and Daisy get along so well. They never fought or got mad at each other. We spent an afternoon at the beach and they just played and played together - it was great!
We were so excited Jenni & Daisy could join us at Disneyland for a day!

 Peter Pan & Winnie the Pooh were still favorites. Jungle ride was fun & Ollie didn't cry during Pirates of the Caribbean {like last time}.
 Oliver made his hands like this...
when he met goofy and said "Roooaaarrrr!" Goofy did a scared motion, then stuck out his shaking hand to shake Ollie's. It was pretty cute.
Daisy like the corn dogs!

We spent the first party of the day at Disneyland then walked over to California Adventure for the last half. We stopped in to see Ollie's bff's at the Disney Junior Live on Stage show. He absolutely loved it & Daisy danced the whole time.
Ollie polished off his own ice cream cone...
 just in time to help Daisy with hers!
 Isn't she the cutest?!?

Ollie's new favorite ride was Tow-Mater & he like the Cars Racers too.
Even though Racers was a little scary {fast} for him it was more fun so he was okay with it and asked to ride it again to which I said, "No Way!!!" We waited 1.5 hours to ride it once - Boo! We also liked the Monsters, Inc ride and the World of Color light show.
 Ollie's legs were falling asleep I believe in time for this pic...
but we had fun & are always grateful to be at Disneyland!
The next morning these two crashed in front of the t.v. until it was time for the drive home.
 For which he slept most of the way home!
It was a much needed break from the everyday stresses and house drama. Since we've been home I have felt much better and have been way more productive. My reset button must have been pressed while in Cali and life is good again!