April 18, 2018


I always write down the funny things Oliver says in my phone. Thought I would share them so I have them documented elsewhere in case something awful happens to my phone some day.
I will start with the most recent...
A few days ago Oliver put Jordan's huge cowboy boots on, his leather Woody hat and some new hanky bibs grandma made for Edison (like these)
he came walking out and said, "There's a new Sheriff in town!" Jordan didn't get a pic, but a few days later I was helping my mom take some dinner I had made her out to the car. When I walked back in I said, "There's a new sheriff in town...Draw!"
Oliver said back, "I'll drrrawww you a picture...it will be full of scribbles and I will rrrriiiipppp it up!"
Here are the others I've collected over the years, starting with the earliest:
"Are there waffles in the house? They sound so yummy in my tummy."
Oklahoma pronounced "Hokamopa."
Root Beer = "Root Beard"
"I'm a super ninja with super ninja skills. I have super gecko speed. I can hide in a bed. Umm...and I can drink water and GuRGLe (in a menacing voice) it!"
"I have to use my imagi-ation!"

"The invisible ghost is evil he can do anything. And his mom never trims his nails so he can do anything."
"Mom, I still smell that grown up smell. It smells like sauce with peanut butter on the sauce."
"Mom black bear has two letters in his name. Do you know what they are? The letters are SQ."
Bedtime with Oliver: Mom says, "Ollie are you gonna tell a long story or a short one?" Ollie, "mom, I tell slow stories. Don't you know?! Is there a brain in that head?"
Oliver age 4.5 - "Mom, I just super totally love you."
"Dad, if you and mom left me home all by myself, I would eat Popsicles and not brush my teeth and wear my skeleton jammies every night and wash them so I could wear them the next day."
After explaining to Oliver what a hearse was, "Mom, we're so lucky we're not dead."

Oliver wanted me to try some crazy different hairstyles on him before I did the usual (the Ollie Rogers). Afterward I start smoothing it back down to do the usual and he says, "the Ollie Rogers comin' up!"
Ollie wanted me to get his remote control truck down. I was still in bed and told him I would get it when I get up. I went to the bathroom as soon as I woke up and I hear "that doesn't look like getting something to me!"
"My favorite thing is blue blankie. Cadbury's favorite thing is his red ball. Mom, what's your favorite thing?...your bed?"
"Dad, I love you to China, but I love mom to the stars."
Oliver was telling me the game they play at school and he says "you throw in ghosties, bats, pumpkins, and witches and then you say bubble bubble TOILET and trouble. Presto!"
"I only tell spooky stories on Halloween. And I only tell lovin' stories on Valentine's Day and Christmas stories on Christmas."
"Alakazzam. Whoop dee doo. Turn this monkey into a kangaroo."
Oliver's prayer on Thanksgiving 2017 - "I love my family so much I just want to hug them all the time. I think I have the best family for me. Thank you for my new fidget spinner and thank you for Bobby who gave me a new one when mine broke. I just love my family so much."
"Dad, if you ever find a dino bone...COME. GET. ME!"
Ollie weren't you going to give me a hug and kiss on my birthday? Ollie says "How about five!?"...and on the fifth..."this is gonna be the squeeziest of all! Can you handle it?!"
"My most favorite thing I love is my family."
"I don't know how to cut out a circle." So I showed him how to trace a bowl and as he started cutting..."Ok, here goes nothing."
Being sick on Sunday and he said "I guess Dad can't go to the store cause it's Sunday" (to get Gatorade). I said he could when he is sick and Ollie says, "Oh, I guess Dad will be the only one at the store."
"When I am at school I kind of feel like one big grown-up is using us, the kids, to make her stuff."
"Mom, when Jesus made this world I think Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was the first TV show."
While watching the Easter Pageant, before the Crucifixion..."Is it almost over? To the part that Jesus dies in his underwear?"
"When I grow up I want to be a caveman...you know, someone that explores caves."

April 17, 2018

February, March, April

A whole lotta pictures are in this final catch-up post. They are kind of out of order since I uploaded all the pic a few days ago and can't rearrange them now, but whatever gets the job done at this point, right?!
Edison turned 7 months old!

One afternoon we sorted all of Oliver's legos. He has my old ones (actually probably my brothers legos) and Jordan's old legos, plus all the things he has gotten. It is a lot of legos. We sorted them by color and wheeled the cart into his room to keep them away from little brother.
I thought Edison would grow out of sucking his thumb in this particular fashion...
but it's still his thumb sucking position of choice. So cute. When he starts doing it, you know it is time for a nap. So much drool. On our way home from St. George, I put my finger in his mouth and there was a tooth! A day later there was another tooth.
Aunt Beth found these super cozy Peanuts blankets and I had to have one.
Just a couple of brothers playing in the morning while mom gets ready for the day. Oliver is such a good big brother. I would be lost without him.

Can you spot those two little teethies??
Before Edison was moving too much, like he is now, Oliver would hold him on the couch after Edison finished his bottle while I set up a blanket on the floor for him to play on.

In St. George, we stayed at Jenni's mom-in-laws and she had these awesome glow in the dark cars and tracks. Jordan found them for a super reasonable price so...
More morning snuggles

Oliver managed to get me on the trampoline one day during Eddie's nap...
Cad puts his ball, used to be red, but that one finally died after many years of being his favorite, on the edge of the trampoline and Oliver kicks it for him to go fetch. He brings it back and barks until Ollie kicks it again and so on...this pic pretty much sums up Cadbury's personality.

A profile shot of baby sunshine or Eddie{SUN}!

Ollie wanted a pic with all his Spiderman stuff. I love little boys.
Valentine's Day!
Random pic...
and back to Valentine's Day!

Ollie and Mommy lunch date to In-N-Out. Anytime anyone takes Oliver out and does something semi-out of the ordinary it's "THE BEST DAY EVER."
Looking slick for church

See more teeths in that mouth - I know "teeths" isn't a word, but it's what we say.
Those cheeks!

A pic of me and Edison now exists!
And one with both boys, oh boy!

We loaded up the car and headed for California. Edison was a dream traveler, in the car that is.
He was playing peek-a-boo with me. Like he was the one hiding and popping his head out, not the other way around. It was one of the cutest darn things I've ever seen.
And this was a first...on the drive over for a beach vacation there was snow on the side of the highway. A good amount of it. So of course, we had to stop and play in it.

Oliver got us there safely.
So we played in snow and at the beach in the same day. That's a first.

The next day, Jenni and Daisy babysat Edison at the condo while Jordan, Oliver and I made a break for Disneyland!

Daisy took excellent care of her cousin.
We took semi-excellent care of Oliver. He rode all the rides, but didn't like a single fast ride. He must have his that age that he is scared of everything and his favorite ride ended up being Small World!
Lines were long and we were starving by the time we left the park. We were making the drive back to Oceanside when we drove through Newport and I realized there was a Wahoo's close by. We b-lined it for there and ate one of the best meals ever!

Finally, having a full belly Oliver passed out from the days excitement.
We were so grateful to Jenni for providing the condo by the beach and the Daisy to play with and babysit. They are so kind! Oliver and Daisy love each other so much!

It's so fun hanging out with them and catching up.
Steve and Edison

We ate the most delish breakfast I've ever had near Temecula on our way home and stopped to get fresh strawberries that also were the best I've ever had.
There is an 8 month old peeking at us!
Oliver makes the best ever crafts at Miss Sally's. I need to frame this one.

A night at the park

Edison's first swing ride!

Haha! Face plant!

We dog-sitted Ozzi during Spring Break
I documented Edison in his old car seat. He was a little too large for it, but couldn't quite sit up yet so we jammed him in it for as long as we could, but it has been retired and thankfully he can finally sit up without toppling over onto that large melon head of his.
Oliver and I put together this Simpsons puzzle after I did that manger scene one in the background...there is another pic of me working on that manger scene. It was so stinking hard.
Sitting on the couch and I look down to see this face, smiling at me.
Another get away with Oliver, we went goofy golfing and played some arcades.

After a nap, cray cray baby had his shirt half off.

Army crawling and getting into trouble...
Oliver's lego car. He said to me, "Mom these are just bad guys and do you know what this thing is called?! It's the Never Come Back Express. This is the engine and it goes so fast it kills them." Whoa.
I made Mountain Dew cupcakes for my brother-in-law's birthday. I don't like Mt. Dew, but these were good.
Eddie fills out his jumperoo seat nicely, don't you think?!
We got drinks at Sonic and Oliver's small kids drink came in an Applebee's cup. Weird.

Jordan turned 33 on March 27! We celebrated by having dinner at his parents with Paul and Cathy who were in town from Salt Lake.

If I just scruff his hair with a towel after the bath, we get this little curly cue baby boy.

Edison - 9 months old!
Happy Easter! We colored eggs. Oliver did it all himself and was super careful and made some beautiful eggs.

Edison checking out Uncle Ben...

Easter egg hunt with the Shill's!

Oliver found one of the $5 eggs, which we took him to the store to buy a small lego set with and also made out with a bunch of candy.
That's a lot of kiddos.
Easter morning!

Love me that little booty.
At Edison's 9 month check up he was 96 - 98 percentile in height, weight, and head circumference. Which was no shocker, he is a healthy boy!
He has learned new tricks of crawling (still mostly army crawls), biting on everything he can get his gums and teeth on, pulling himself up to everything he can and making us smile all day long. He loves going on walks, taking baths, and playing with his brother. He also loves his vegetables, even more than fruits. Everything still is pureed because he throws up and gags on puffs or yogurt melts still. 
His favorite toys are usually random objects around the house, not actual toys.
I asked Oliver to grab me some wipes and a diaper. This lego car delivered each item in a semi-timely manner.

Found Oliver sleeping a little cray on night.
Edison's first adventure into the kitchen. It took him all of 2 seconds to open the cabinet under the kitchen sink. So the cabinets got baby-proofed.
Oliver looking super cool before church.
My sweet handsome little boy.
He likes to lay out his clothes for the next day...
Here is that evil picture that took me forever to finish. I only finished it once I sorted the pieces according to exact shape. Then it took me thirty minutes to finish.
We are working on our ghost town of a backyard. A friend from church is helping us and getting us really good deals. Here it is after curbing got placed!
Some more Disneyland pics that are out of order, mucho!

These might have already been represented above??They are cute so we will go with it.

Another laid out outfit for the coming days activities.
I love Whataburger so much and somehow my phone figured that out...this popped up
I think I like Whataburger as much as I like sleep and if you know me, that is a lot.
While we sorted legos, I was looking for a desk to put in Oliver's room so we could keep all his toys in his room. Edison is into everything and I wanted Ollie to have a place he could go and still play with all his little tiny toys without worrying about baby brother getting into it/eating it. After I took him to the goofy golfing place, I quickly ran into Goodwill to see if I could find a desk. I did and I found the bookshelf I wanted to go on top. They were mismatched, but I knew once I painted them they would look like they belonged together. A few cans of spray paint and an afternoon later...
It tuned out better than I could have imagined and cost less than 50 bucks. Thanks Goodwill and grandma for always allowing us to get out and take way longer than I say it will!
These brothers melt my heart...and daddy's. I send him these pics and he always says it makes it super hard to stay at work - he would rather be playing with these sweet boys. (I think Edison's pants are backwards, haha.)
Cadbury lounging...this pic makes me laugh.
After the curbing was placed, Jordan set out to digging trenches for sprinklers. Oliver was a big help. ;)
It was really hard work and Jordan's dad knew that...so he rented a trench digger to help with most of the yard. Our neighbor/friend helping came too and they trenched up the yard in a few hours time.
Today they are coming to place sprinklers and then it will be ready for sod. So exciting to finally have grass in the backyard. Maybe I won't have to vacuum everyday!