October 27, 2010

Flux Capacitor

If you asked Jordan how is weekend was, he would tell you it was the best weekend of his life.
The little
big kid
in him was thoroughly satisfied.
Jordan & his friends spent their youth riding quads, golf carts, & dirt bikes at Sycamore Creek.
So he is thrilled when I allow him to take me, his quad, & the Taco (Tacoma) there.
There was some water in the Salt River so we rode upstream as far as we possibly could & stopped at this LARGE rock
to enjoy the scenery & take a few photos.
Jordan wanted a picture of me on his quad in the stream.
Kid in a candy store, I tell you!
On the drive home, Jordan got a phone call from his friend Nate Schmidt who had the best news to ever grace his eardrums.
Get this...his favorite movie BACK TO THE FUTURE
would be re-showing in theatres for 1 weekend only! 
That's right my friends - - the universe has finally heard the cries of nerds everywhere & granted their very deepest 's desire...
BTTF + The Big Screen = Pure Bliss
So on October 25, 2010, (exactly 25 years To.The.Date. when Doc calls Marty & tells him to meet him at the Twin Pines Mall) my husband saw his favorite movie as it should be seen - on the big screen!

Side note:  I did not share this little tid bit of information from our recent Disneyland trip, but given the circumstances, I am compelled to tell you now.  We visited the site (Twin Pines Mall parking lot) where THE delorean reaches 88 mph & first blasts off back to the year 1955. 
Jordan went to both showings & had a grand ol' time.  I did not completely realize how nerd-tastic my husband was until this weekend.  Not that I am looking down on him for it.  Being nerdy gives you a couple golden stars in my book.  For I myself, am a nerd.
Anyway, I found these photos on Jordan's computer & I thought they would sum up this post quite nicely.
P.S.  I did not know a single BTTF fact until marrying BTTF's biggest fan.  Boy, would I have been missing out on some pretty fabulous useless facts.
P.S.S.  Jordan really, truly, honestly thinks he is going to own one of these someday...

October 18, 2010

Halloween Time at Disneyland

Because my husband loves me,
he took me here for a quick get away.
We had a blast, just the two of us, at Disneyland...good times.
Highlights include:
  • Drinking special blend of Coke only found at Disneyland
  • Eating churros
  • People watching
  • One year old kid with lightsaber performing some very advanced Jedi moves
  • Spotting Halloween costumes [including entire group dressed as Mario Kart characters]
  • Riding the rides
  • Perfectly overcast weather all the day long
  • Hanging out with eachother & saving the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg
{Don't be fooled by the scores in above picture, I actually think Jordan is Space Ranger 1, thus he is whipping my booty.}
So from me...
to you...
Thank you for a fabulous trip! 
You know how to make me one very happy princess!

October 6, 2010

Ghosts of Halloween's Past

In honor of this time of year, I present to you [drum roll please]
Halloween costumes from my past!
Are we so excited?
We begin with The Bunny Rabbit.
Cute & Irresistible!
So cute & so irresistible that, in fact, I wore it
not once, not twice, three times!
{All 3 years must not have been photographed, but I am guessing by the 3rd year I had almost outgrown it, check out the high waters on above picture.}
I did make a cute bunny rabbit, until you compare me to my adorable niece Tawny!
Full group shot including Ben as a 50's greaser (The Outsiders), Tim as Pollyanna, & Bethany as ??? my mom's miniature version of herself???
Another costume that got worn more than one year was The Yellow Ballerina.
Again, I can't quite identify what Bethany is exactly?
Another year I made a last minute costume (because honestly I do not care for dressing up.  Lame, I know) & this is what I came up with,
The Grandma
Classic poses Grandma!
I regret to inform you my most genius costume was not photographed. 
It was also my last year I was allowed to trick-or-treat & so it was also the last year I dressed up. 
Picture, if you will, a paper mache Jack-in-the-Box head.  Like I said, genius.
Due to my lameness, I do not dress up anymore. 
This does not mean I do not enjoy Halloween.  I quite like it actually.  I like to watch others dress up, especially my adorable neices & nephews.
Oscar...I mean, Spiderman.
Bethany as a Mermaid & Heather as a Tootsie Roll
& me as a Party Pooper.
I am excited for this years costumes.  My siblings are very creative & have some pretty amazing plans for this year.  As for me...I get my Halloween kicks by making [& eating] these babies!
Happy Halloween Season, Everyone!

October 5, 2010

One 'Hail' of a Storm

Dad, Mom, & I thought we would take advantage of the cooler weather today & paint the shed in the backyard.  The weather was absolutely beautiful & we were quite enjoying ourselves...until the storm of the century rolled in!  Holy Cow - I don't think I've seen anything like it!
Luckily, only some of the paint washed off, which is seriously impressive.
Jordan was in our bedroom when he yelled for me to come take a look at the front yard.
This is what I saw...
You can't see it, but my car is behind all this mess.
{Secretly, I was really hoping my car would be under all this mess.}
We ran throughout the whole house opening windows & doors to see the torrential rain &,
 'what is that, hail?!'
Once the storm calmed down enough we set out for the front yard to assess the damage.
Not too bad, considering I thought the whole tree was toast at one point.
As you can see I am a measly few feet from my deepest, darkest wish coming true...the death of the Honda, sigh.
In my younger years I would be sending small boats made of sticks & leaves out to sail down the streets.
Why didn't my now old, boring self think of this excellent past time earlier.
Can I just tell you how thankful I am the garbage man [what's the politically correct name? Waste management man?] had done his job just moments before the storm reared its ugly head.
When all was said & done, I said "Again, again!" 
It was quite the exciting afternoon.

October 4, 2010

Dick & Jane

After reading my last post, Jordan pointed out the following picture
& told me I look like Jim Carrey in Fun With Dick & Jane when Dick tries to rob a convenient store.
What do you think?
I think my husband is funny, & sadly, right.
His thought made me think of this...
& this...
& of course, this...
"I ordered Kentucky BLUE grass!  This is green!"
Can you tell I this movie?
The weekend it came out on DVD I think I watched it 3 times.  It is one of those movies that gets better & better the more I watch it. 
Hollywood - I think we need a sequel!

October 3, 2010

Shilly-Pepper Shenanigans

After spending a whole week relaxing on the beach in Oceanside, California, I have devised a way to resolve all of the world's problems:
When I am President of the U.S. of A. I am giving each & every person a beach front house.
Don't  you want to vote for me already?!
Everyone could start off the day by putting on a swim suit [mandatory] & go for a therapeutic swim.
If only there was enough shoreline to make my dreams come true...YOU would be listening to the waves as you read...
Alas, you will simply have to use your imagination to hear soothing ocean sounds...maybe this will help.
I believe this is one photo that necessitates further inspection.
Day One of our vacation was spent at Sea World
If I told you it was the time of my life - you might believe me.
If I told my siblings, {who were present} it was the time of my life - they would not believe me.
You do the math: 
Theme Park + 7 kids under the age of 7 = Slightly Disastrous
However, considering there were 7 kids under the age of 7, what do you expect:
~ a few meltdowns
~ some tears
~ potty breaks
~ momentarily misplacing a child or two
~ lots of happy little faces
because they got to see some pretty cool animals
My pick for highlight of the day: 
 Tim + Teapots
Passersby comments went something like this:
"Oh, My!"
"Look at that little girl!"
"Poor little girl."
"I don't think she's gonna make it!"
Tim is an absolute maniac on these things.  You will never see a teapot spin so quickly!  Somehow he talked his pregnant wife into riding with him after Lydia lived to tell about it.  Actually his whole family rode it.  It wasn't as intense as his first go around due to Tommy's (cutest little 1 year old you will ever feast your eyes on) head literally spinning in circles.  Unfortunately, no picture was taken, but it was one of the funniest things I think I will ever witness.
I mentioned momentarily misplacing a child or two...THIS is why...
Whoa Baby! 
No worries, all were located fairly quickly.
Another highlight of the day =
Snuggling with some really cute, but tired three year olds!
The next 5 days were spent on the BEACH!
Doing some of this...
& some of that.

Occasionally we had to eat out of necessity, of course, no pleasure involved. ; )
Then back to the beach for lots of boogie boarding!
To answer your question...YES, that is a wall of water coming for Adam without his knowledge.  I kindly pointed it out to him just after snapping this shot.  I think I saved his life.
Does it look like we've invaded the shores of California?
We probably could have taken over California with our massive army of Shilly-Peppers, if it weren't for the Water Monsters guarding their territory.
Oh, wait...that's just Tim.
The waves were quite scary due to their LARGE size, but if you braved it, it made for an adventurous ride involving several drops as your wave joined other waves.  I've not experienced anything like it before.  I made the ride even better with my Double Decker Boogie Board.
{It helped that Jordan would help me blast off.}
The water was a tad bit chilly, to work up a little sweat so it would feel more refreshing we kicked a blue ball around. 
Well, I kicked while Jordan laughed at me.
With good reason.  Flying Crane?
Tim loves to dig around a lot in the sand.
This is a giant hole he dug & then not knowing what to do with it built little caverns
for these guys who loved to eat our food.
We saw many friendly creatures including:  dolphins [at least once a day if not twice],1 sea lion, 1 sting ray [caught by a fisherman on the shore where we played], lots of sand crabs, & even 1 jellyfish.
Tim is holding a jellyfish!
The 'littles' liked to play too.

You can see, we had a swell time. We really missed those who couldn't be there.  Thanks Mom & Dad for making it all possible! 
We are so blessed!

In parting, after much picture overload, I would like to share one final picture.