November 9, 2009


Every Halloween I look forward to our families tradition of making
Homemade SpudNuts.
Well, Elyce went too many years missing out on nieces & nephews costumes, these special doughnuts & the 700 trick-or-treaters that bombard my parents neighborhood, so this year she flew down for the festivities (& took the long way via Tucson- long story involving lots of snow in Denver). We started out October 31 and saw the movie Amelia and then came home & made SpudNuts.

Here are some pictures of the people that ate said doughnuts...
Harry Potter & Lola

When Tim walked in the house in my head I KNEW it was Tim, but Tim did NOT look like Tim. Tim looked like a TOTAL stranger - he did a great job on his costume.

Minnie Mouse Say Cheeese!!!

Hannah Montana
(Way cuter than Hannah Montana - the original)

Spiderman - Aka Sugarman

He may be small, but do not underestimate his ability to eat LOTS of sugar. Mom the Baker & who used to be Mickey Mouse,

but is now ready for bed.

The cast of STAR WARS

Poor R2D2...
she must not have gotten a doughnut!!!

Snow White & the 7 Dwarves

Aren't they Darling!!!

A super freaky Grim Reaper named Oscar.

These guys made a special stop by the Shill Home because they knew what was cookin'.

What a cute couple!

Very enthusiastic bunch here. Must be worn out from all the festivities.

We finished off Elyce's stay with an awesome Hay Ride. It was another successful Halloween!! Thanks everybody!

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Mom said...

Thanks, Meg for hanging out with me today. The cupcakes were delish! How do you turn the music back on?