February 12, 2010

Romantic Weekend for Two

I wish there was no sarcasm in the title of this post...I also wish this was us, going out on a Romantic date for Valentine's Day.
But, alas, this was not us Valentine's weekend.
(This was not us even anytime recently, I just liked the picture.)
Instead, we were cooped up all weekend doing 1 of 2 things...
1. Talk writing
2. Talk giving
Both of us were asked to speak at the Stake baptism's for the month on Saturday. We teach the CTR 7 class (the kids are turning 8) & had 2 girls being baptized so that is how we got roped into that one. Then both of us were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.
Instead of being Saint Valentine's Day, it was Jordan & Megan Weekend! Our topic for church was Gratitude. I was grateful for this topic. I did have a grand time writing the talk & it reminded me to be Thankful in ALL things. So, even though my Valentine's Day wasn't so Romantic,
I am Thankful for the refresher course on Gratitude.
I guess we did do something rather fabulous/delicious...

We did go to Ted's Hot Dogs. Mmmm....Ted's Hot Dogs...

We hope your weekend had a little bit more of a Romantic agenda to it.

Oh, but don't forget to be Grateful in ALL things as well.

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Sharon Mae said...

Ah, Ted's. Have you tried one of his NY white hots? Cathy and I would always get them in Rochester when we went to the mall in our younger shopping days. Yum!! I'm glad we got to hear your talks! You both did great and I'm grateful for you both, knowing how grateful you are for each other!! Sedona will be fabulous!! Hike around and marvel at our gorgeous earth. Love it up there!!