February 9, 2011


My Grandma was One of A Kind.
My Dad said it best,
 "At funerals the person is usually talked up & sometimes you are left wondering who it was the speaker is speaking of, but not Ruth.  She really was that great."
It was a beautiful funeral.
 Her children did a fantastic job.
Grandma looked as peaceful as I've ever seen someone look.
It was so wonderful to see all of her wonderful posterity.
My family.
My Uncle Gary & Aunt Kathy's family [small piece of a large family].
Aunt Diane & Uncle Bill's family.
Uncle Norman & Aunt Donna's family.
The Shill's.
Brothers & Cousins - - the Pallbearers.
Grandma's final resting place is next to her sweetheart and surrounded by lots of family who have gone on before her.
Like her son.  Uncle Norman's headstone newly arrived.
{His beautiful Grand-daughters.}
Some of Grandma's Great-Grandchildren excited to get one of the pretty purple roses
that were part of the floral spray [made by Ellen]
that laid on top of the casket.
Her greatest legacy is the righteous & bountiful posterity she has left behind.
Thank you, Grandma for your Christlike example.  We will think of you often.
Love you & missing you already.
"The inner half of every cloud is bright and shining.  I therefore turn my clouds about and always wear them inside out to show the lining."

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