July 30, 2012

American Airlines Baby Shower

Oliver’s early arrival threw off my blogging a bit.

Had I been a little more on top of things, {I do have an excuse which you have yet to hear about} I would have accurately blogged about this particular post when it happened, in the middle of June. So let's just pretend it is June.
Jordan's co-workers were super nice and wanted to throw us a  baby shower .
The Invitation
I was extra excited because it has been my only opportunity to be invited into the security-tight American Airlines base. {You have to go to extreme measures, like have a baby, to get in.}
I have wanted to see where Jordan does his 'work thing' & also it was great to meet everyone and put faces to all the names I hear about.
They fancied up the place a bit. :)

The Cake
The Guests
{Only 1/2 of the room was pictured...and not everyone was able to stay for the whole thing. Like most of the guys Jordan works with were really "busy" during the festivities. Ha! Can you blame them?!}
Jordan got to open these presents, which was fun for him. Even if he didn't understand which way to hold the little outfits. This one, for example, he was holding upside down and saying how cute it was until I corrected him and held it up the right way. Everyone got a kick out of Jordan's inexperience.
We got a lot of great things that we needed & we felt like we made out like bandits!
♦ The Port-A-Crib/Bassinet we registered for {Super excited about this!}
♦ Rubber Duckies
♦ Diapers and Wipes a plenty!
♦ Changing Table Pad Cover
♦ Bottle Brush
♦ Bibs
♦ Spoons
♦ Wash Cloths
♦ Baby Socks
It was so great to meet everyone and we truly appreciate their generosity. 
 Thank You American Airlines Purchasing Department!!!

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Briana Shepley said...

How sweet of them! That invitation and cake crack. me. up. I would love to see Brent open up baby presents and see his reactions! :)