August 13, 2012

Four Weeks

I have never gotten less sleep in my life {& mind you, I am a girl who LOVES her sleep}.
So in the morning hours, after surviving the night, I surprise

myself when Ollie falls asleep while I am holding him and I could put him down then 1. Get more sleep myself or 2. Get stuff done like eat, go to the bathroom, or start a load of laundry,
I just want to sit there and hold & snuggle this cute boy!
He has brought me weeks of happiness!
Four weeks to be exact.
He is growing big and filling out.
I think he is creeping closer & closer to giving me some genuine smiles. Which will absolutely make my day!
This past weekend, Jordan & I learned what we are really made of as parents. My parents left us on Friday morning. :(
Sad, sad day!
Lucky for us, I think we can actually do this thing - we survived & the kid is still happy as a clam.

It breaks my to think of Ollie growing bigger & older and not having family get to see him on a regular basis to watch it all happen. I think we are going to have to use those flight benefits a heck of a lot more than we have in the past.
Thank you Mom & Dad for all your help. I can't imagine putting my life on hold for 5 WEEKS. {Yes, you read that correctly. 5 WEEKS!}
We were all very spoiled. We ate like kings. We were chauffeured around town. If I needed it, they went out to get it. They took care

of Oliver in the morning so I could catch some sleep.

They watered my plants. Played with the dog. And something I appreciated the VERY most was they kept me company. I love you guys! Thank you!


Mike and Katie said...

I can't even handle how cute he is!!! Seriously he is adorable. I'm glad you guys are adjusting to life as parents, just know that it only gets better and better :-)

Linz said...

HANDSOME! He couldn't be more handsome! Keep up the good work with the posts. He changes and grows so fast I just want as many pictures as possible! You guys are doing awesome!