September 18, 2012

Mom Turns 30

For years, whenever my mom was asked for her age, she replied, "29."
After her last birthday, I told her she is going to have to say 30 now.
We had a Girls Lunch at Matta's! Yum!
At night, we went over to Beth & Adam's for the celebration.
Tim made BBQ pork tenderloin...
with every bite I took, I couldn't stop myself from saying, "WOW!" Seriously, so dang good. My bro can cook!
I made the German Chocolate Cake...
which doesn't disappoint either.
I cannot believe how BIG these 2 boys have grown, Drake & Quincy.
Drake couldn't believe I wasn't his Mother. Poor guy was very confused.
Can you see why?!
Even our husbands {mostly Jordan} mixes us up.
{Lucy &Ollie }
Happy Birthday Mama! We love you to pieces!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Thank you for the delicious cake! You are always graciously kind. Thank you for making the trip and bringing Ollie to help me celebrate.