March 20, 2013

Fun Company

Jordan's Mom came for a visit! 
Ollie loved playing with someone other than me all day.

And I loved sleeping in, getting naps, & having adult company!!!
We all loved the nicer weather & going for  l   o   n   g  walks.

And eating at all of our favorite places.
{Pecan Porch for lunch one day.}
Cadbury loved his sleeping buddy...
We enjoyed going to the Oklahoma Aquarium...
This cute little yellow fish had smoochy lips. Awesome. Also, check out the cheeks on that baby!!!
 Eels are gross.

 Under the shark exhibit.

I think everyone agreed the beavers and the otter were the favorite critters.
Bath time!
Soaped up!
 ALWAYS blowing raspberries! ALWAYS!
 That is one BIG ROUND HEAD.
 While she was here, Spring arrived!!!

It was great having her here. We got to keep her a few extra days thanks to Spring Break & return flights looking bad. Please come back soon! & anyone else out there...come visit!

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Sharon said...

Thanks so much for a fun visit! Don't worry, I'll be back!