October 31, 2014


I made Oliver's Halloween costume this year. It was a success & I was happy with how it turned out.  Ollie loved it and looked adorbs.
Jordan is Marty McFly from Back to the Future {Obviously?} and I am dressed up as my dad. I realize no one outside of the family understood my costume, but to my family, it was all the funny/amusing things that are my dad.
Mesa Sand & Rock Hat {the family company}, Ho Ho Suspenders {he wears all Christmas season long}, his gold watch, his belt with an RS belt buckle, & his beloved Geronimo shirt.
Oliver figured out the whole 'getting free candy' thing out VERY quickly and I'm sure thought it was the greatest night of his life.
Again, me being my dad...
The day after Halloween, Ollie dressed himself and helped himself to a blue Dum-Dum. Nerd.
I love those blue lips & those crazy mismatched socks.
Happy Halloween!

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