January 2, 2015

Finishing Off 2014

I thought Ollie looked so cute on the floor coloring so I got a shot of it.
Then I wanted to get a front view shot and by the time I got in position Oliver sat up. I said, "No, Ollie lay down and color." He did as he was told like a good little boy...
He layed down and colored. More literally than I had in mind.
We kissed the last of the absolutely lovely weather good-bye and
said hello to chilly weather. {Meaning, Ollie needs a light jacket to go outside and pants, not shorts.}
We took Ollie to a neighbors house to see their train sets.

He got to meet Mickey Mouse!!!
And Santa got...
A BIG FAT smooch!
It was kind of chilly so he warmed up in a bubbly bath.
Ollie has become a professional driver. He can finally drive his Jeep!
{Don't get in his way. He WILL run over you.}
One afternoon, I took him next door to play in the Clarks' sandbox. He screamed when we left. Which meant he had too good of a time.
Photo shoot at Aunt Beth's!
My favorite...
Also a professional tricycle rider...
The Shill Family nativity. Ollie was a lowing cow.
The best pic I got. Beth probably has better ones.
Finally, feasting on some of Grandma Rogers' granola. Yum! Oh, and wearing a hat. Not a bowl, a hat. Don't tell him otherwise. You'll wish you hadn't.
It's official! I'm caught up! Hallelujah!

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Sharon said...

Ah, that face! LOVED the coloring on his stomach!