September 13, 2016

Primary Program & the E.R.

Oliver's first Primary Program was a success! Jordan played the piano, I sat with my class to help them know when it was their turn to speak/make sure they behave. Ollie sat with his class and chatted with the adorable little girl, Annabelle, next to him the entire time. He said his part loud and clear and earned a chuckle from the crowd. His part was, "I lived in Heaven before I was born." He nailed it. After church, I made sure to get a picture of the handsome dude.

 We got home from church and he started complaining he couldn't take any big breaths and his right side hurt. I laid with him on the couch for a couple hours to keep an eye on him and kept checking to see if he had a temperature, which he did not. I got up for a minute and he came to find me saying it was worse. Jordan was holding him while I called around to get some clues as to what I should do with the poor little guy and Jordan said he felt really warm. I took his temperature and it was in the 102 region. So I got him some Tylenol. A few minutes later I took it again and it was 103 something. I called a PA friend to ask her if we needed to take him somewhere and while I explained the situation to her - I checked his temperature and the thermostat read 104. Ollie was lethargic and scared while we rushed around to get in the car. Dad and Jordan gave him a Priesthood blessing before we jetted off for the hospital. As soon as we got there he started acting pretty normal {of course}. His side still hurt, but the Tylenol had done its job and the temperature was going down. They checked us in, the doctor saw him, ordered x-rays of his chest and tummy and told him to pee in a cup - which he thought was the coolest thing in the world. We did a lot of waiting and the novelty of it soon wore off for the little guy who was tired and just wanted to go home. After questions arose from the x-rays the doctor asked for an ultra sound. Everything came back clear and he was diagnosed with constipation {something he has never ever had a problem with, not even close} and possibly some weird, vague virus that caused the temperature. The rest is a mystery. He had another fever when we got home late Sunday night, but didn't have another one until tonight {Tuesday} so we will see what the next 24 hours bring, but hopefully the weird, vague virus just needs to work its way out of my little guys system. Here he is looking right as rain at the hospital...
Taking your child to the E.R. is an awful experience, but we were well taken care of and I am grateful for all the family who sent love, support & prayers. 
Here's to hoping for a good healing nights rest & to no more hospital visits for us in the near {or distant} future!

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Sharon Mae said...

Crazy how things come and go so fast with kids. We're so grateful he's ok and I can't wait to see your Disneyland post!