September 4, 2009

An Italian Cream Birthday

Mom asked for an Italian Cream Cake for her I gave her an
Italian Cream Cake to remember! Because Mom was turning 29, the cake should have had 29 candles. Oh, well. What does it matter, anyway.With a BIG blow like that you are all hoping she got every candle out and I'll tell ya, Heck YES she did! I think she could have blown the whole house Down if she wanted to.Happy Birthday Mom!!!
I hope the delicious cake made you feel better about the sky Falling.


Linz said...

Megan, you are amazing! Now Jack and I are both drooling all over the keyboard!You are so talented. I think you should come over and give Liza and I a lesson. She would love it and I could use it.
By the way, I love seeing pictures of your beautiful creations, but throw your head in there every now and again....that's pretty too :)

Melissa K said...

You are sooo good at decorating cakes!!! Will you make me one?!!! ;)

shillibeans said...

LOVE IT! I'm glad I finally hooked up with your blog. You are so funny...I love ya.