October 20, 2009

Another L-O-V-E...The ZOO

I get more excited to go the Zoo than any child ever has. I put them all to shame! The Otters are my favorite! They hardly ever play in the water (& they didn't this trip), but when they do...it's the BEST!!!Bethany invited me along with Goose, Beans, & No. No was very very excited to see the "Mingos." I adore hanging out with these guys & I really adore the Zoo so this made for a Wonderful day off. Thanks for the invite, Sis. The Spring Break after we got married, Jordan surprised me with a trip to the San Diego Zoo. I was in heaven. The San Diego Zoo is BEAUTIFUL!!! I could go every day and still act more excited than anyone else there. I think Jordan knew when he married me that I was a kid at heart, but this trip definitely confirmed that fact.

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